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Sophia - June 28

What do you ladies think about the "no TV before 2 years of age" rule? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no tv for tots until 2 years of age, and only 2 hours per day after that. Does anyone (not) follow this rule?


babyO - June 28

Gasp I never heard of this rule? Does that mean that you cant have the tv on if your baby is in the room? Or is this about tv programming for them!


ashtynsmom - June 28

My daughter loves TV. She is only 5 mos, and turns her head like an owl to see it if she is not facing it. I do not prop her up in front of it, or anything, but she enjoys what she sees of it. In the mornings when I am getting ready for work, she will pay in her exersaucer and I put in a baby einstein video. She will play for a minute, look at the video for a minute, then play.... and so on. I dont' think it hurts them. The DVD she watches says 0-12 mos... so that is good enough for me. She seems to pick up some stuff from it, because she will talk to the TV and laugh at some of the stuff. Maybe it is just the colors or noise, but she enjoys it, so I dont' see a problem. I would never use it as a "baby-sitter" or sit her in front of it for hours, but if she likes the music and colors while she is playing in the morning, I honestly don't see what it would hurt.


Mommy - June 28

My kids watch TV. I don't let them sit in front of it 24/7 or anything, but as we speak they are watching Blues Clues. I only let them watch about an hour and a half per day, the rest of the time we are outside playing or doing other things inside with the TV off. My kids are 25 months and 14 months old and they love Barney, Blues Clues, and Wonder Pets. They get plenty of excercise and interact with the shows and I encourage that. I don't think watching TV is a bad thing, it's what they watch and how often they watch that can be bad.


HannahBaby - June 28

I think that my daughter would go crazy if i took her tv away. I only let her watch educational shows (the backyardagains, little einstiens, the wiggles) she is only 17 months old and knows tons of dances on the wiggles and loves to do the "clap clap clap" on little einstiens. Shes also roaming around the living room playing with her toys as she watches tv. I dont know how women can not put their child in front of a tv and actually get house work and such done.


Sophia - June 28

Well, I'm still researching this topic. You can run a search on Google for "infants tv" and it gives you some articles. My daughter is currently 8 months old, and I'm just concerned.


babyO - June 28

I have a baby eistein dvd I received but havent really looked at it educational stuff? He has a little worm toy that has cla__sical music, numbers and colors that he loves..hmm am going to research more!


haymay - June 28

My dd is only 11 weeks old and is already semi-interested in the tv. We don't sit her in front of it for extended periods, but if she is playing in her bouncer in the living room we may have cartoons like Spongebob or a show for little kids on the tv in the background. She mostly sits and plays with her toys, or with us, and will only glance at the tv occa__sionally, but if she gets bored with her toys she will watch a minute or two of tv, then her toys are all very interesting to her again like she's never seen them before in her life LOL...the other day I went to the kitchen to get a paper towel, and when I came back in the living room she was laughing at Spongebob...I think she really likes all the bright colors on that show, that is the reason we let her watch it, it's visually stimulating. I think as long as you aren't sitting your child in front of the tv for hours a day, the kid will be just fine! TV is just a part of most people's lives these days.


hrsmith - June 28

In my opinion as an educator, I would have to say that it depends on the parent and why you are letting them watch tv. I am sure they have done a billion tests to see whether it's good for them or not, but I would say that as long as it is for a short amount of time and it's educational, it is actually very stimulating. My son is 8months old and I am finding it very hard to read any book to him right now because he just wants to eat it:) My husband and I let him watch the Wiggles just before bed time. I find it very educational. He obviously loves it. he doesn't even move when it's on. I think there are positives and negatives aspects to almost everything we do with our children, the important thing is that they are loved and that they are interacting with you all day long. I am sure once he is a bit older I will reflect back and say, darn i probably shouldn't have done that, but reight now I decided I am not going to continue to worry so much about what I might be doing that is wrong. I think the most important skills for child development is interaction, attention, and affection. If you are doing those three things, then you are a fab mom!!!


Narcissus - June 28

I was dead set against letting my young son watch tv and that is one of things I, "said I would not do", but find myself doing anyhow...I even used to lecture other moms here b4 I gave birth! Ha! I use it not to educate Aja but as a tool to let me get things done when Aja is not playing well on his own. I prefer his elmo dvd bc there are no commercials to turn him into a child that wants everything but I also let him watch Little Einsteins and Sesame Street, but not both on the same day. I limit his viewing to one program a day, unless he is sick and needs the entertainment and pleasure.


mama3 - June 28

My girls love there tv time. I only put on tv shows for them about 2-3 hrs a day. the rest of the time I've got on court tv or my fav shows. Like Big Brother, YEAH!!!! I've always let them watch tv. My toddler has picked up so many good things from watching the einstiens. She loves disney toons. My new born loves to watch the people and really getts moving in the mornings, lol. It's funny watching her hands and feet moving like crazy to certain things on tv..


shari - June 28

Hey I was wonderin about this myself. I don't ever prop my 7 month old in front of the t.v. or put on shoes for him, but we are definitely a t.v. family and it's kinda 'on' most of the day as we are doing things. He's totally captivated by it, though and I sometimes wonder if that's a bad thing. He's even getting to recognize certain things. He whips his head around to look when the Dr. Phil opening music comes on. (eek, what would Dr. Phil say?) Oh...and mama3, big fans of Big Brother over here, too! ha ha


shari - June 28

"shows" ...not shoes (duh)


Nick - June 28

That is so funny! Dr. Phil is my 10 month olds favorite tv show. The only way I can get him to eat his cereal lately, is by distracting him with this show.


bbelmore - June 28

I have decided my rule ( when DS is old enough to watch tv and actually know he's watching it) is going to be that however long he spends watching TV, he must spend an equal amount of time doing something physical, like playing with daddy, you know...


LisaB - June 28

I almost always have the tv on for back ground noise but ds doesn't hardly watch it unless its Family Feud. Then he will only turn when he hears the dings, I do let him watch Seame Street when I cut his nails because it distracts him enough so he doesn't mind


Rabbits07 - June 28

My oldest daughter used to love watching Jeopardy when she was only a few months old. I was young and she was my first and there was no internet back then to tell me that it was wrong....LOL. All of my children have watched t.v. before age 2. In limited amounts and being appropriate (no violence, no s_x, etc.) I don't see anything wrong with it.



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