Twin Babies Not Sleeping Thr Ough The Night

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Karen_Fletcher - August 24

Hi there, As the t_tle says, my friend has twin boys who are 10weeks old and not going more that 3hours through the night, she's tried everything possible, controlled crying, feeding, burping, changing, cuddling and nothing is working, they won't settle in their cots, bouncer chairs, they also have lullaby with soothing light winnie the pooh toys and the only place they will go to sleep albeit restlessly is on their mum, she's finding it really hard now and the docs and health visitors haven't been able to suggest anything, so I was wondering if any parents on here had found any tricks that worked. My children were sleeping through at 5 weeks and my routine was dim light , feed, change, bed in middle of night but this isn't working and I'm out of suggestions. Thanks if there is anyone out there who can suggest anything, not matter how out of the ordinary. :o)


DDT - August 24

When the babies sleep at night do they sleep in seperate rooms? that is one suggestion I have read about. Have them sleep in seperate rooms in their crib/ba__sinett/playpen. They may be disturbing each other during the night. My 12 week old ds can sleep in a 8hr stretch at night. I would also suggest she not change them during the night (unless its a pooyp diaper) as this might stimulate them too much. Rather put them down for the night in a diaper size size up. For example my ds wears 1-2 size during the day and I put him in size 3 at night. I haven't had any leaks yet. Do they take a soother? this may help to soothe them. I also suggest she pick them up (unless they are really distressed) the least amount as possible. Rather use the "shush-pat" method as this is less stimulating than picking up and rocking every time. My ds goes to bed between 7:30-8pm after a 5oz bottle, then I give him a dream-feed at 11pm and he sleeps till 6:30-7am. He does niggle & moan a bit between 3-4am but I just get up, re-swaddle (because he has usually gotten it undone at this stage) and give him his soother again. He is asleep within 15mins. Does she swaddle? this has really helped my ds sleep better because he is so active.


mjvdec01 - August 25

White noise works really well. You can buy a CD or just put the TV on a snowy channel and turn up the volume. I sometimes have to turn on the vacuum for a bit to get our son to settle.


Karen_Fletcher - August 25

Hi there, thank you for your replies. To DDT, they do share a room because the 3rd room is extremely small and the cot wouldn't fit. I will suggest a larger nappy at night time because she did say she was having to change them even in they had not pooped cos they were so wet. Mjvdec01, I know my 2 loved the tumble drier, so I will show her both these posts. Thanks again ladies :o)


kimberly - August 28

Everything DDT said is great advice but I would also make sure she keeps the lights down low when she does have to be up with them. I learned when my first was little he went back down easier if I kept the lights dim. Swaddling is good too, they feel more snug when swaddled. And if they go to bed a little before she does then I would suggest doing a dream feed at around 10 or 11 before she goes to bed, this helps keep them full longer through the night. I have always done a dream feed before I went to bed at night with my 3. I don't have twins but I can imagine they might disturb each other at night so if it is possible I would atleast make sure there beds are seperated. I know they say twins bond better if they are close to each other but maybe at night they need to be apart. I second ddt don't change them unless they are poopy at night, this does unsettle them more. I have never tried the white noise thing but I have heard it works. Also if all else fails, do they each have a swing? It isn't a permanant fix but it can help rock them off to sleep.


kimberly - August 28

Oh, I forgot to say she should make sure they have a very consistant nap schedule during the day. Weird I know but the better they sleep during the day the better they will sleep at night. She should get a good routine down for naps too.


MsMonet - August 28

KAREN-I have the same problem with my twins and they are almost 7months. I tried letting them sleep near each other but then they both wake up at the same time... Sleeping apart means that one may cry and the other will awake. The only thing that ever worked for me is letting the twins sleep on my chest at night. It wasnt much room for movement but they slept more hours.... Ofcourse this was when they were newborns... Lol! They are now 20lbs each. Lol! Not sure what to do. I triend rice cereal before bed, etc. Nothing works. Both wake up at least 5 to 6 times for a sip of the bottle and then they go back to sleep. I tried letting them cry but crying turns into "Dada" or "Mama". Thats turns into laughing and playing and by themselves... After abit its crying again...



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