Two Amp A Half Months And Tummy Time

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ssmith - July 15

I was just wondering what a "typical" 2 1/2 month old should be able to do while lying on her tummy? How much should they be able to lift up their head? My daughter does not like to be on her tummy (I will take responsibility for not lying her on her tummy often enough :-) However, she will get upset very quickly and just lie there, nose down and cry.


nic nac - July 15

At that age if they can lift their head up that is good enough. Babies hate tummy time but it has to be done. Even when she cries, keep doing it. If you can stand it for 5min. that is good. If not try 2 to 3 min. at a time a few times a day. You can also get down at eye level with her so she sees you and that may help divert her attention. It helps them build the muscles they will need to crawl.


ssmith - July 15

She will keep her head nose down, and will lift it maybe a couple of inches off the ground. I try enticing her with toys, and lying in front of her, but it doesn't usually do any good. I am just concerned that she's not where she should be in terms of lifting her head...


ash2 - July 15

omg! are we really supposed to try that as early as 2 and a half months? well with my first i dont remember when i tried, but i would definantly reccomend a boppy pillow. it makes tummy time much better!


TinaMarie - July 16

Do not stress if your baby does not like tummy time. My daughter HATED it, she would scream and cry and choke until you turn her back. I tried everything, laying her on my tummy, laying on the floor, playing with toys, she would just scream!! She did not give in until about 4.5-5 months...which I know sounds crazy! But it surely did not slow down her developement, she was crawling at 5.5 months and sitting too. Jest keep trying, she will decide one day she likes it!!! Good luck!


nic nac - July 16

Don't worry. By the time she gets to be a little more active it will be fun for her. That will probably be at four months. As ash2 said try the bobby pillow. I forgot about that. My dd hated it too but I kept doing it. Your ped will tell you if she is where she needs to be when they check her.



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