Two Faced Demon Child

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Jamie - October 31

So, I just got off the phone with a friend; we were chatting about your normal everyday c__p, and I complained about needing a break from the baby, cause she cries so much and, well, I just need a break - do you know, the friend called me a liar? She's probably my best friend (other than my husband) in this country, we spend maybe 10-15 hours together a week, and have since before the baby was born, and she's NEVER heard my baby cry!!! It made me realize - my two-faced demon child only ever cries at home!!! She NEVER cries when we're out or have company over. I suppose I should be thrilled that she's that well-behaved, and I should hope it continues out of infancy into toddler-hood and the adolescent/teenage years...but what a brat, saving all the crying for me and her dad, and not sharing with the rest of the world!!!


Lissi - October 31

LMAO! I too have one of those little demons! She's such hard work, sometimes it's hard to even get simple things done, like shower, eat, bung some laundry in the machine etc, but when people come round to see her, she sleeps the whole time, and makes cute cooing noises! The second they're out the door...."WhaaAAA!" Little devil!


Racahel mommy2lucas - October 31

Oh yeah, Lucas is pleasant and takes 3 hour naps for everyone but us. He likes to make a liar out of me! As soon as we're alone for the evening, it is fuss.fuss, cry,cry, and he NEVER takes a nap for us. I tried to find a little devil outfit for him for Halloween but could not find one small enough for him!


soleil - October 31

lol, my daughter is the same way, she puts up a front around other people, but once we get home......


amber k - October 31

My 5 month old is like that too. shes all smiles when daddy is home but as soon as he leaves for work.. WAAAhhHHa! thats all I hear all day!


P - November 1

oh yeah... Quinn was like that for the first 6 months but since she started teething she has felt the need to share it with the world.


annonymous ak - November 2

you should be happy to even have a child, if you say things about your own child that you brought in this world, things that..... discusting, you don't deserve to even have a child.


Jamie - November 3

Screw you.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 4

Jamie, do not even give the ignorant any attention by reacting, some people don't have anything better to do than anonymously bash people they do not know, We should feel sorry for them.


TC - November 4

You know I think that my son is the other way around. I've been telling my friend how well behaved he is and how much he smiles and plays. However, everytime we go to her house, he is cranky and does not want to play. I feel like the guy who owned that singing, talking frog who would not perform for anybody except for him. It is enough to make you go crazy. LOL!


Jamie - November 4

So, yesterday, my friend babysat while I went to the dentist. Apparently, my daughter, who never cries according to this friend, cried the WHOLE time I was gone. least the friend believes me now...even though she might never babysit again...


Narcissus - November 4

My 8 month old has taken up the hobby of whining. It's getting annoying:)


Jamie - November 4

LOL - at least yours had the decency to wait til 8 months! Mine was born with a pout and a whine. (She inherited both from me.)



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