Two Month Needles

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ssmith - June 28

Hi. My daughter just got her two month vaccinations. She absolutely screamed, and I cried!! I was just wondering if any other moms cried when their babies got needles. More importantly, I am wondering if your little ones had any adverse reactions or problems...and what you did to help them. Thanks!


AprilMum - June 28

Oh it's definitely worse on moms! I about died when my daughter realized she was getting a shot - but a couple of seconds after it was over, she had totally collected herself. She did have a small fever, so we gave her some tylenol, and she was fine -though pretty sleepy for the rest of the day. Also, I swear it makes their little legs sore, so anytime she gets a shot, we spend time in the evening rubbing her legs. She seems to like it.


Bree - June 28

Tylenol and lovin is the best advice I can offer. My son also screamed at his 2 month, 4 month and 6 month shots. I hate it as well!!! But it's necessary so... what can you do, right?! At 4 months his Dr said we could use the ibuprofen. I like it b/c it lasts longer and doesn't make him sleep as much. He was sick several days, except for the 6-month shots. He wasn't as sick. My hubby said he just screamed and was okay that time (I wasn't there). Best wishes. It's just one of those things we all hate.


Tillie - June 28

I haven't done the 2-month vacc's yet, but at 3 days my daughter had a jaundice test where they stuck her heel and squeezed out the blood and she and I cried for an hour! I was literally sobbing. I can't imagine when we go get her vaccinations.


Marlene - June 28

I can't even watch my son get a shot. I make my mother come to his appointments with me and she holds him and I go in the corner and cry!! After its done his ped always asks me if I'm ok I feel like such a baby but it hurts me when he is in pain. He never got a fever but gets real cranky b/c his legs are swore.


Suzanne - June 28

It was just awful! He was ok for the first leg but screamed during the second leg. I cried and yelled at the nurse.


ssmith - June 28

I knew I would be upset, but I didn't think I would cry. But, the minute she got the first needle...I just started to bawl...I couldn't help myself. Then she had to get the other one in her other leg....Oh dear!! Then about 10-15 minutes afterwards when I was dressing her to go home, she smiled at me and I cried again....I was a mess!



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