Two Questions About 13 Day Old Newborn

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maryl14 - January 13

1. ok his umblical cord came of 3 days ago and he still gets blood coming out of it is this normal never had this before with others 2. after he eats he starts acting like he is choking on something but when i hurry and pick him up he is fine and stops acting like he is coking. he did this at the doctors office but doctor didn't seem concerned but it scares the h__l out of me and i'm scared to sleep or go more then 2-3 feet from him i dont prop his bottle i hold him when i feed him i burp him very well (he's a good burper) and i dont understand why he does this. does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to stop this


Rhiannon - January 13

I don't know about the umbilical stump, but the choking could be a sign of reflux. One of my dds had a touchof reflux and she wouls sound so uncomfortable while she was going to sleep. Try holding him for about half and hour after each feeding. ( I know, at about 3 am you just want to go to bed).


lexa - January 13

I agree with Rhiannon on the reflux and keeping him upright for 30 mins. If the choking continues, definitely call ped back. Wether they seemed concerned or not at the time, it can't be let go if that is what is happening. As for the umilical cord area, I know personally, my dd fell off but still had a little part that was bleeding a bit. The ped told me to keep it clean with wiping with the alcohol (as you did previously) and keep the diaper down off ot it. It did stop. Hope this helps.


AshleyB - January 13

my sons umbilical cord bled a little bit for a few days before it came off and the day of. My aunt whose an RN said it is normal for it to bleed a little and to be a little oozy and puffy for a couple days and to just use alcohol on it really well once a day. Of course if it were to smell badly then you know something is not right, But just swelling, bleeding and oozing a little is ok for a couple days. My sons looked great the 3rd day though. Just keep an eye on it and keep cleaning it. And don't give him a normal bath until it's been completely healed for a few days.



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