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flower.momma - March 4

My son is 3 months old and is almost too large for his infant carseat. I am guessing that by his 4-month check-up we will have to buy a convertible kind. The problem is, he will not be able to hold himslef upright enough for sitting in shopping carts, and he is getting too heavy to carry for long periods or put in his snugli. I could use a stroller, but I won't be able to go shopping. Any suggestions?


mosley12 - March 4

hm im going through this too. we are in the middle of looking for a convertible car seat..ds has his 4 month tommorrow so im going to talk to his dr. about it..he holds his head great, but is still to small for the front. my friend has a 16 month old and she said when her son was about 4 1/2, he was to big for his so he had to switch, so when they went to the store, she would put him in the front, with one of the things made to go over it, than se would put blankets bunchd up on either side. she said it worked great


bradylove - March 4

I went through this too. Most places have carts with the infant seats on top. Not sure if you know what I mean?? Most grocery carts have them. That saved me. Or if they didn't have any I would put blankets or my coat around him to keep him propped up, which sucked cause he would always fall over anyways! Oh but it's so short-lived!


punkin01 - March 4

not sure if this will help but when my DD got to big weight wise for the carrier in the car we kept it in the trunk for use in gro. store until she could sit totally by herself (seen a baby fall over and bang his head on the side of the cart and i wouldnt prop her up) it was really useful if i was alone at the store and couldnt push stroller and a cart ....she was still to small to try to sit up so i wasnt afraid of her trying to get out of it maybe you could use it for the short amount of time untill he starts to sit good alone just in the carts not as a car seat....


punkin01 - March 4

and we still used it for a little while after she could sit una__sisted if she was asleep


flower.momma - March 4

Hey, bradylove. I'd forgotten about those! Yaaaay. I can leave the house.


bradylove - March 4

I always placed a blanket on them first though, some of them are yucky...I never let the belt and buckle touch him....gross...but once you get all set up, you're ready to go!!!


Heather F - March 4

for stores that didnt have the infant seat I would bring a cousy blanket and lay it in the seat of the cart and lay my dd in the seat - I still do this if she is sleeping!


SonyaM - March 4

I think this is one of the "rights of pa__sage" for moms. It sucks but it will pa__s.


Smilefull - March 4

Heather- we use to do that too! The other people in the store would be like "which aisle did you get that?" so cute.


CyndiG - March 5

What's a cousy blanket? I want one. Maybe I already have one? hmmmm.....


Emily - March 5

I went through this with Marcy. When I had to stop using her seat, she was too little to hold ehrslef up in shopping carts and I had her two year old sister to lug around with me too. I put Mary in the cart and held Marcy agaist me facing out with one arm and steered and shoped with the other. Needless to say the trips were few and short. I tried to do most of my shoping when I had someone to watch one or both of them….


bbelmore - March 5

James never had an "infant" car seat ( I am a__suming those are the ones with the baskets that clip into the base) We brought him home in his convertible, but they make these head support cushions that hold their little heads in place. It always worked fine for us, I never felt the need to buy an infant carseat when my convertible one is good from 5 pounds and 18 inches until 40 pounds and 42 inches! As for going shopping, have you tried a sling or front carrier? I used my front carrier until he was too fat for it! Then I bought a sling and about a month later he was crawling and in the cart!


flower.momma - March 5

Bbelmore, I used the snugli alot in the first weeks, but now he is getting too heavy. I have a hip hammock, but his legs aren't long enough to spread out like that. He's a b___terball.



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