Ugly Jacket From Mil

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krnj - February 27

My Mil went out & bought ds a jacket but I don't like it and dh doesn't like it either. I feel bad but it's just not our taste and it's too big on my son right now anyway. Should I/we tell her to bring it back? I don't want to hurt her feelings because she was so excited about this jacket!


ashtynsmom - February 27

I would just say it is too large, and you would like to exchange it for a different size. Then, go and pick out one that fits, and you like. Tell her they didn't have the style SHE picked out in your ds's size, so you had to find a different style. She will never know!!! Everyone wins that way!!


vonzo - February 27

I would totally agree with ashtynsmom. My mum bought us 2 snowsuits for dd over xmas and didnt realise she'd bought 1 in the wrong size. It was UGLY! But i was very greatful for the sentiment so i just exchanged it for a different one in the right size and she was just happy to have gotten dd something she needed.


Emmie - February 27

I was thinking the exact same thing ashtyns mom-thats what I do with stuff I dont like that I get for Christmas.


torbman - February 27

This is good advice, hehe. My Mom bought ds a lavender colored snowsuit for next year. Its a boy ! I don't want him wearing that,lol.i'll tell her its too small hehe.


jenrodel - February 27

I did the same thing with the snowsuit my Mom got ds for Christmas. It actually was too big, so we took it back and exchanged it for one in the right size and in a style we liked.


shelly - February 27

HEY VON,glad to see you back darling. krnj ,my mil buys things that i wouldnt put my ds in ,she buys what i call stratchy clothes that dont look like they would be soft to the skin and i know shes proberly saying to fil she never puts him in what we buy ,the one thing i really liked was a lovley little white cardigan but it accidently went in with a coloured wash and came out grey,i was to embarrased to tell her. i would say the same as above posts and change it and say we had to get another as no sizes,otherwises when it does fit him just let her see him in it a couple of times to keep her happy.



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