UHHH So Upset

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Tired - February 5

I have to vent. I am so tired of people saying are you having post pardem dep, or are you suisidal. Sorry for the spelling. I have a 6 week old and she is really fussy. I just want her to be happy and not to cry all the time. I have said that I feel like a bad mommy or that I don't know what else to do about her crying. That does not mean that I am having PPD or that I want to kill myself. Where do people get that. I am so happy to be a mommy and to have a daughter, it is just hard work. I would not trade her in for anything even if she screams all the time. I just had to vent and I would love to just smack people that think that. It would drive anyone nuts if there little baby was crying a ton!!!!!!!!!!


jg - February 5

Who is saying it to you? I can imagine how sick of it you would get.


Tired Too - February 5

How ignorant and rude of them. Sorry you had to listen to that.


HELLO - February 5

One person asked in the other post if you have post partum depression. Re: my baby hates me post. You do not need to feel upset because one person asked. I am sure it was genuine concern as to how you are feeling in yourself. Did you go to the doctors to see what is wrong with your daughter and why the constant crying? They say colicky babies cry all the time, could be she isnt burped properly, can be a number of things.


Meredith - February 5

I would guess she is talking about more people than are in this forum, probably people from her family or friends....it is annoying to have some one constantly doubting your sanity! Did you know??? The sound of a crying baby automatically raises a persons blood pressure?


jg - February 5

Hi HELLO. Missed you sweetie.


Tired - February 5

No it is more than just the Forum that has said it. When I talked the nurse from my daughters doctors office she asked it. I would never get upset about something someone on here said. That is why I love this sight. I ask for advice and give advice when I can. I do ignore them but I guess the thought that someoen thought that bothered me.


jg - February 6

I would probably feel offended if it was suggested to me, but what if you ARE that person who is actually feeling that way!? I reckon clinic nurses and doctors are primed to ask it to any new mother who may be coming across as a bit stressed. At my son's 6-week and 6-month check I had to fill in a questionnaire to a__sess for the likelihood of having PPD - it's standard here now in Australia to be presented with this form on a regular basis at the clinic.


Christy - February 6

I presume you are Jennifer from the "My baby hates me post." I forgot to ask you if you have any support or help available? I found it to be really helpful to be able to go out for an hour or two by myself (just to Target or the grocery store) while my MIL or dh watched the baby.


momma - February 6

like Christy said if you can have someone watch the baby, even if all you do is soak in a tub for a while, or even have someone comee over to help for a while like changing dapers or something



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