Umbilical Cord Is This Right

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Heather - February 1

Okay girls, I have a stupid question! DD is about a week and a half, and part of the umbilical cord has started to come off. I can't remember from first DD when her's started coming off or what it looked like. The one side that has started coming off has left a little bit still on her and then there is a spot where it all came off of her. Then the other side is still connected. I was wondering if I should call the dr anyway tomorrow or if this sounds normal to anyone?


melissa mama to taylor - February 1

Sounds normal to me. Taylor's slowly but surely came off after 12 days. Just don't pick at it, let it come off on its own. Taylor's came off in the middle of the night, found it in her gown in the AM.


Heidi - February 1

Emma's fell off within 10 days I think. One day it got a little bloody cus it was falling off and then when I went to change her diaper it was gone and laying in her onesie!


Shannon - February 1

sounds ok. my girl lost hers at 10 days old. i'd worry if it smells or something.


Jamie - February 1

Sounds normal. Renity's was there until DH accidentally knocked it off when she was 13 days old. But, it was "chipping" before then.


Heather - February 1

Thank you girls for your quick responses. It seems like Eva is right on track then. She is now 9 days old! This is my first visit here from the third trimester forum!!


Heidi - February 1

Welcome! It's great in here. Lots of fun stuff to share and great advice!


Kaeli - February 1

Maddox lost his when he was 8 days old!


Heather - February 3

Well, we are now woking on day 12 and it has not fallen completely off, but is starting to look very "dead". I guess it should be soon by what everyone else is saying! Thanks girls!


Ginger - February 3

I was very weirded out by it as well. It started to come off and I put a bandaid over it until we went back to the dr. (which was just a day or two). I just didn't want him or his clothes to rip it off



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