Umbilical Cord Falling Off

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Kim - October 29

When did your baby's cord fall off? my son is almost 4 weeks old and it's still there


Toya - October 29

4 days.


Ariana - October 29

8 or 9 days


Kim - October 29

Should I call and ask the DR office this is begining to worry me.


Lissi - October 29

Nadya's cord fell off after 5 days, but her belly b___ton bled a little for 2 weeks after. I think you should call the doctor and get him to take a look.


Kathryn - October 29

I know Nathan's was about three and a half weeks. His started to get stinky. Does it look like it is starting to come off?


Kim - October 29

It bled just alittle bit at 2 weeks then stopped the dr said that day it should fall off anyday but it stopped bleeding and it's still there


C - October 29

I can't remeber how long but I remember it took awhile. Probably 2-3 weeks. I was just kind of wiping the area with an alcohol swab and his doctor said that wasn't enough. He said to take alcohol with a qtip and have it drip down in there all the way around. That way it'll dry up and fall off. A day or two later it was gone.


Mommy - October 29

It took my oldest about 2-3 weeks. My doctor said no alchohol and my parents said yes alchohol. I should have went with my parents because my second came off in about 6 days with it.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 31

My son's came off at 10 days old


JB - October 31

My son was a month old. We went to the doctor for his one month check up and the Dr carterized (sp?) it. It didn't hurt Skyler. It fell off the next day, there was a little bit of black reside from be carterized. I was so happy. No more sponge baths.


JB - October 31

Also, I did use alcohol everyday at every diaper change. Doc acted like it was no big deal.


Mona - November 9

It can be normal for it to stay for up to 2 months. Usually falls off anywhere from 1-3 wks, but don't worry if it is longer. Physicians begin to worry if it is after 2 months!


Jamie - November 9

My daughter's didn't fall off til about 4 and a half weeks, and even then, it was cause my husband accidentally knocked it off while changing her diaper. Just keep it clean and dry, it'll fall off.


Steven's Mom - November 10

My son's didn't fall off till he was 1 month old. I did the alchohol with every diaper change too!


Julie - November 10

Part of it fell off at 2 weeks and then it took another week for the rest to fall off.


lisa - November 10

1 week, i was told it would stink beforeit fell off, but it just went dry and fell off



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