Umbilical Cord Question

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Worried - October 23

I just gave my daughter a bath and when drying her, I noticed that there was a little bit of bleeding from the umbilical cord. Anyone else experience this or know why this is happening?


Jbear - October 23

That happened a couple of times with my daughter. It was a very small amount of blood and it stopped quickly, so I didn't worry about it. What the hospital said to do with the cord stump was to wipe it with rubbing alcohol at every diaper change, to encourage it to dry. Also, they said to give sponge baths only until the cord had fallen off.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 23

This was happening with our daughter also and when we took her in for her 1 week checkup the doctor used this special medicine to stop the bleeding. It helped ALOT!


Brandy - October 23

That happened to us as well, we were told that whether you got the cord wet or not, it would still eventually fall off. She had bleeding when it was falling off, it was still partially attached so it would get caught on stuff. Also, after it fell off it would still ooze a bit because part of it kept going back in so the ped. put some meds on it too. Then she told us if it gets red to put Neosporin on it. We put that on instead of alcohol for 2 days and now it's in perfect shape!


Heidi - October 23

I didn't know you were still supposed to use alcohol anymore so I didn't and my daughter's fell of yesterday and she was 1.5 wks old. It fell off sometime during the day but it looks really good.


Toya - October 23

Heidi, my dr. told me not to use anything on it...not even alcohol...just to make sure the diaper was below her belly b___ton. Asjani's fell off at 4 days old...I would notice a few dried up drops of blood on the inside of her onesies..but it only lasted a couple days...Other than that, no infection or anything...She is now 5 1/2 months old and I wish I had her belly b___ton! Pregnancy destroyed mine! :)


BBK ® © - October 24

We did not touch it at all with my daugher and it came off at 10 days flat. A couple of blood droplets are normal.



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