Uncircumcised Infant Care

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baby#1 - February 9

Hi, This is my first pregnancy and I dont have much experience with babies at all. There have also been in 2 generations only 2 baby boys born into my family so now that I am expecting a son I really dont know what to do. I have made the choice with my husband not to circ_mcise my son (his daddy isn't circ_mcised). I guess I am a little shy to ask about proper cleaning practices of the foreskin with infants at this time since I am only 33 weeks along. I did some research on the net on babies and circ_mcision and it mentioned about how it is important to clean under the foreskin (obviously) but also stated that some babies skin doesn't retract back over the glans until sometimes the age of 4 years old. What are we supposed to do in the meantime to clean the area? I am really confused. I want to make sure my husband and I both know how to do this right since it is such a delicate area, and I dont want him to be sick cause we neglected something. Any help with this topic would be appreciated. Thanks.


3babies - February 9

Hi ... hopefully this doesnt turn into a debate about circ_mcision for your sake, it can get pretty heated! Anyway... I have two boys both not circ_mcised. We were told just to leave it until the boys are old enough (about three) to begin to retract the foreskin themselves, but never to force it. They should do that regularly in the bath or shower and clean around the retracted skin. I know I was also told by another doctor that I could gently retract the skin in the bath (again only as far as it would go easily, not forcing it) when my boy was about 2 because he got a little infection under the foreskin which was treated with salt water baths and antibiotics. Just to rea__sure you, my doctor said it was no different to a child getting an infection anywhere else, and that even circ_mcised boys can still get these types of infections. It caused no long standing problems. My oldest is 6 1/2 and his foreskin is only just fully retractable now, whereas my 4 y old is almost there ... ( i'm sure they will love to know their mother discussed these things on the net in years to come lol!!!)


Rabbits07 - February 9

Like 3babies said it barely pulls back in the beginning so it won't really require much extra care...just once a day while you are changing a diaper or bathing just push the foreskin a little to see how far it will EASILY go back. As said before in the beginning it will be hardly at all. My boys that weren't circed were closer to 2 1/2-3 before the skin was fully retractable. Once it's fully retractable it only needs to be done once a day in the tub to get it clean...no rubbing or anything is required...just a quick pull back under the water.


ConnorsMommy - February 9

my little boy isn't circ_mcised either (he's a year old).. Like 3babies said, just leave it till they're able to retract the foreskin themselves... What I do with my son is: I always wipe him down during a diaper change even if it is just pee.. and I give him a bath everyday (I don't use soap everyday.. but I let him sit in the warm water to clean off/out anything that I might've missed).


Rosiemeg - February 10

my son is 3 and un-circ'd. i gently pull back his foreskin during baths and wash with soapy water and rinse well. NEVER force it back. doing this can cause lesions, infections and pain for your son. my son's foreskin only pulls back a little bit right now. my DH(also un-circ'd) said he's was able to fully retract his foreskin until puberty, which i've has read is completely normal. just a side note- you may notice a white substance under the skin around the head of the p___s. this is a normal buildup of dead skin cells that will eventually make it's way out the opening. it freaked me out the first time i noticed it. i hope that helps answer your question.


faeyth - February 10

Have your mother-in-law show you how to care for it.


sophandbob - February 10

I don't plan on getting my little man circ_mcised unless it is medically required. As the other girls have said, no retraction of the foreskin is required until they are older because trying can do more than than good. I just make sure I clean little mans todge (as we refer to it!) and underneath his b___s as they have a tendency to get a little sore. When it comes to toilet training and p___s care I shall expect my partner to take more of a lead. He can model and lead by example. Just as I am sure he would rather me talk through periods with our little one if we'd had a girl.


Bonnie - February 10

Definately do not pull it back. It retracts on its own between the ages of 3 and 5. Before that will cause him pain and do not let a pediatrician tell you otherwise. Some are not to familiar with uncirc's over here. :( All you need to do is bath normally and I usually do a wipe down with each diaper change.



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