Understanding Quot No Quot

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eliz24 - February 16

Just wondering when it is that babies actually understand what 'no' means? When I tell my 10 month old 'no' she looks at me like she knows I'm talking to her but she does't really understand what it means and she just goes about her business. I know she is too young to understand but just wondering about what age to expect her too?


sahmof3 - February 16

I think they can understand "no" at 10 months, but that they can't always be counted on to listen because they lack impulse control. At 10 months my youngest used to act like he was going to go behind my end table and grab the cord to our clock. I would say "no" and he would just get this look on his face that I KNEW he knew he wasn't supposed to touch it.... because he would go to it and just barely put his hand on it and when I would start to come his way he'd back way up from it and act all innocent. Little stinker!!!


eliz24 - February 16

Yep! I know what you mean,my lo does the EXACT same thing. Just the other day she she looked me right in the eye grabbed a gla__s of water and dumped it over....all the while I'm sayin no no no.


k.p.j.e. - February 17

My 15 mo old still does this...it can be infuriating. The worst part is, he knows how to say "sorry" (sort of) and sometimes he says sorry before he even does something. Even if I'm saying no no no right to him. So even at 15 months you might still be talking to a brick wall!!! :)


lianne - February 17

i honestly believe that if you want your baby to understand the meaning of "NO", then you should redirect your child from the activity they are doing...for instance, when/if your child is touching something that you dont want them to, then say the word "NO", and move them away from there, and show them something that they are allowed to play with. ALL children need boundries no matter the age, but the sooner that you start them on boundries, the better YOUR and your CHILDS life will be. sorry for all the caps, but i really think that it was important for me to emphasize certain points. i hope it helps. gl to you!


Smilefull - February 17

they don't know the meaning but they know the tone of the voice. I got this word "Los"--which means "Leave it" and my son responds to it wonderfully. I thought it better to direct him what to do than just be negative all the time. Plus, if you teach them no--it'll haunt you in their toddler years when they start saying "no" back


Smilefull - February 17

I should add that I direct him in other ways like "down" or "stop" or "here"--not just "leave it"..try to avoid no.



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