Ungodly Amounts Of Spit Up

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abriamiacadia - October 22

I have an (almost) 2 mth old son. He drank the good start bottles they give you in the hospital. Well as soon as he came home, he spits up ALL the time. Its a never-ending battle. We've switched Goodstart to Enfamil Lipil to Enfamil A.R. to Similac Advance to Similac Insomil and now he's drinking Goodstart Soy. ALl this was my Pediatricians advice. NOW he spits up Soy. We feed him 3 1/2 oz. ever 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. The NP at the pediatricians gave him a perscription for some kinda acid reflux medicine but he's spitting up the medicine too. Anyone have similar problems? Is it possible to switch pediatricians if yours doesnt seem to be helping?


excited2bemama - October 22

Of course you can switch pediatricans. People do it all the time for various reasons. Keep in mind that some babies just spit up ALOT. SOme have severe reflux and some don't. My dd started spitting up as soon as we came home from the hospital. She is b___stfed but now she is 4.5 months old and still spits up prob 4 times after EVERY feeding. She isn't losing weight or having trouble gaining weight, doesn't usually cry when she spits up so I don't have her on any meds. Keep in mind that when she spit up it looks like alot but lots of times its mixed with saliva and also if you dump say 1 tablespoon of water on the counter it looks like ALOT of fluid but really isn't. It will get better when he gets older. Like I said my dd still spits up after every feeding but its a less amount then when she was 2 months old. If you baby is a happy spitter, doesn;t cry , is gaining weight fine.. etc then I wouldn't worry about it.


KristinTone - October 22

This does sound like reflux.... Maybe see if there is a different medication they can put him on. My daughter was doing this for a while too the medication seemed to help though. She never spits up lile she used to (projectile spit like a whole bottle worth)anyways she is now 12 wks and I have stopped giving the medicine so it does work...


DB - October 22

Well, I can tell you in my experience with a b___stfed reflux baby that the medicine for reflux (if it's Zantac or Prevacid) does not stop the spitup, it simply prevents the stomach acid from hurting the esophagus. If your baby has severe reflux then without the meds he would be crying out of pain (usually hours on end-all day long). Some babies are happy-spitters, meaning the spitup doesn't hurt them. The problem is the esophageal sphincter is not fully developed in newborns. My dd still ocasionally spits up (almost 9 months old), but around 6 months we saw a huge improvement since she was consuming enough solids to keep the food down and her sphincter developed more. At this time we were able to get her off the Zantac. Now if he's losing weight or not gaining then you may have to consider other options (such as cereal, but imo, it can do more harm than good since it's sooo hard on a tiny tummy). Hope that helps...good luck..and keep plenty of clean bibs and burp rags on hand!


wailing - October 22

I'm w/ EXCITED. My ds (4 months) was a spitter upper:-) He did it alot when he was younger. It did look like a lot b/c it's mixed w/ mucus. But, he never cried when doing it, and it wasn't forceful or projectile so I just left it alone. Dr. said as long as he's gaining weight, isn't uncomfortable, and doesn't cry in pain then just let it be. He hardly ever spits up now. Maybe that fact that u guys changed formula so often in such a short time has something to do w/ it??? Their tummy's are really sensitive and I think ur supossed to give it some time when u switch. Def get a 2nd opinion if the 1st doesn't make u feel better. Listen to ur mommy instinct!! Keep us posted.



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