Unsafe Walker WARNING What To Do

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LollyM - March 7

First off, I was reading reviews about the kolcraft tiny steps walker model 14565 and although it has not been recalled, consumer reports has deemed it unsafe because it can easily fall down steps. Now, my MIL who has a very bad track record of getting us unsafe things for baby gave us one of these walkers that she found at a yard sale. The first thing I said when she told me about the walker was, where did you get it, is it safe, and has it been recalled? She said, oh yeah, it's safe. But I'm glad I researched it anyway! Gee! I think my mil must be really out of it. She tried to give us a used traveling system and the car-seat part was covered in urine! She tried to give us dh's crib for Ava.. that thing is 23 years old! I said no way. She tried to give us the highchair dh used when he was little with a WOOD tray... my mom heard about that and got us one from target that day! I just don't know what to do about this woman! The thing about the walker is that, we don't have stairs in our apartment, but I am still concerned that If it isn't safe in one area of testing, it may not be safe in other areas. They don't even manufacture this walker anymore! It must be for a good reason... Anyway, would you still use the walker, even if you had no steps? I'm trying to figure out what to do. I'm just afraid that this thing is a disaster-zone waiting to happen! Plus, I think it might be best not to use out of principle so mil stops giving us potentially hazardous stuff!


luviduvi - March 7

Hey Lolly, I don't think consumer reports says that any walkers are safe. My ped actually told us NOT to get one although we did. My lo's can NOt get to the staircase while in it b/c of furniture. I think too the American Board of Pediatrics is anything but PRO walkers. None of them are safe although I love mine and use it with caution. As far as the lady, tell her you have no more room in your apartment or that you already have one.


AnytimeLittleone - March 7

Hi Lolly! Walkers are banned in Canada for that specific reason - their safety regarding stairs. I know A LOT of people who have driven from Canada to the US to buy walkers, because they dont have stairs.. I have not yet done this.. but Im seriously contemplating it. Like Luviduvi said.. I dont think that ANY consumer report says that walkers are safe... and I can probably find you a report somewhere that warns parents about the hazards of feeding infants with spoons... If you feel the walker is safe.. then use it! Id probably be using a walker right now if I had one...


mcatherine - March 7

I'm just wondering what walker wouldn't easily fall down the steps? If the walker itself hasn't been recalled for collasping hazards, wheel hazards, choking hazards, wouldn't it be as safe as all the other ones? Someone gave us a walker and we have 2 flights of stairs - so we gave it away. If your hesitant, then just tell her no thanks. I can understand - someone is always trying to give us something used still covered in spit up - which is gross, imo.


Emily - March 7

Okay first off let me say that I love walkers. I only use our on the lower level of our house and I think it is bull about all the things being said about them delaying walking and making them walk on tip toes, all babies start off that way. I also say that if you get a walker you should still watchyour child nd not let them just roam free, that is where I belive why most of them have been deemed unsafe. That being said, the woman has a bad track record and the thing isn't even manufactured anymore. I would say don’t use it. You can get a cheap one that has not been recalled at Wal-mart for like 25 bucks.


KLC - March 7

We got Aaron a Fisher Price walk behind activity walker for like 15 bucks at Toys R Us that has been great. I too heard that most sit in walkers are not safe so we went this route and he loves it!!


Shea - March 7

My MIL is always giving us stuff like that too...she is the garage sale queen, lol. I just thank her, and then use what I can and pitch what I don't want. We used a walker too, outside on our patio in the summer and in the bas____nt in the winter. I think as long as you watch them, they're fine.


hello - March 8

I hate walkers and say it so much it causes fights so my answer is put it in the garage, your mil likes garage sales like me it seems and u can get bargains or rubbish and it sounds like she is just rushing in.... when she is not getting a bargain but more so rubbish........You know i love those wooden high chairs hah, i saw one at a market, in ec but didnt end up buying it.......I have bought my daughter some cool toys from garage sales, hardly touched to be honest, gap jeans...... endless list so if u get stuff thats good its ok but it doesn't sound like u are, ask her to just buy things that maybe are a bit more newer if she wants to buy from a sale like that hah......... hey are you pregnant then? Did it come, good luck k


hello - March 8

Regardless of the fact that i hate them i think a secondhand walker would be even worse than a new one (forgot to add)...... Like i think a second hand cot is fine but maybe not 23 yrs worth as it is just a frame in the end , hope u get some better bargains soon....... ok i am off to bed....


ry - March 8

My dd has a walker and she LOVES it! You do have to watch her every second because its not just a stairs hazard but it gives them access to many things (like cord appliances). But I dont regret getting her a walker at all. She zooms around and has a blast in it.


3babies - March 8

Hi, I am a physio, so yes the reason walkers are not endorsed are because of the dangerous predicaments bubs can get into (which walkers allow them to do before their own physical ability would allow). I do have mixed feelings on this topic, as I'm sure that most people would use them under direct supervision,so wouldnt present any more danger than the babies that hit their milestones early. BUT ... having said that many people use them as babysitting devices and that is when the problems start ... including toe walking which (not to start an arguement Emily, is not normal) and delayed walking. At the end of the day, if you are not comfortable, dont use it ... trust your gut!


LollyM - March 8

Thanks ladies, I have always had a problem with mil giving us this stuff that is used and she doesn't know where half of it has been. I will buy used clothes from the thrift store, and sometimes toys if they are in GOOD condition, but I wash them very well. I went to the thrift store with mil once, and she tried to get me to buy some long underwear for dd with a hole in them ! I told her, look, they have a hole, and they look really warn, but she just said, well, it doesn't affect how they work... Just a bit strange if you ask me! Sorry If I want the bast for my baby ya know?! I mean, dh and I don't have a whole lot of money but we don't have to get EVERYTHING used and covered in spit-up etc. Aside from the fact that this walker is on it's way to recall and it is very used, the way dd would sit in it scares me. She would sit right in the middle supported by a cloth type seat that can come out of the thing. Since it's used.. who knows if the plastic that holds the seat in is even strong enough?! has it been damaged in the past? Anyway, I will not be using this walker! I did not plan to get one before mil gave us this one and I have never been a fan of them due to their questionability. I don't think I will buy another one just to save myself from the paranoia! lol.



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