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Monica - November 16

well I am back and Caleb kind of embarresed me and I look like such a fool. I had to undress him and he looked like porkie pig....the nurse asked what I was there for and I told him because he has not been eating ...well the nurse of course kind of laughed at me. there was caleb pink cheeks and laughing, well he weighs 16.10 and is gaining weight. The doctor checked for everything and there is no ear infection, nothing he was all smiles and kept rolling to his tummy. And I told the doctor he can only roll from back to tummy, next thing you know he rolls from tummy to back...caleb just kept contradicting me.....I was not looking very good at this point. So I probably looked like a paranoid mother who worries way too much. Dr. says if he its just even if he drinks 20 oz. that will be ok. the 2oz per lb is just for newborns..... and I guess I was trying to make him eat more than 32 oz a day...Well so happy that all is well, that now I am going to out tonight and buy him a exersaucer which all you helped me decide....thanks everyone.


BBK ® © - November 16

monica, not to worry. My mother raised us like veal too :-) Glad all is well and you did the right thing to check


Shelly - November 16

HA HA, babies are soo funny,don't feel bad,I don't think the docter thought too much of it.At least Caleb is doing great,and thats the most important thing.I'd rather go to the docter and make a "fool" out of myself than having the docter say ;I wish you would have come in sooner".With any doubts I go to the docter,thats what they are there for.Have fun tonight with the shopping,which one are you going to buy???


monica - November 16

well first I have to decide toys r us or target....No time to be driving from store to store...all I know is that I want one with lights and music.


Shelly - November 16

I am still having memory isues due to my painpills,I ment doctOr and not doctEr,docter with an e is dutch LOL!



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