Update On Life Owen And Pregnancy

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MrsShelton217 - April 25

Hey Ladies. Well, Owen will be 7 months in a few days. Hard to believe. He went for check-up today. He is 14lbs 1oz. 26 inches long and HC is 44cm. He falls around the 10th percentile. This is on the full term chart. When he is charted on the adjusted one, he falls around the 25-30%. He is healthy, just small. DR adjusted his diet a little bit, and showed us some excercises to do with him to help strengthen his trunk. Overall he is happy and healthy. I am 17 weeks pregnant, and we confirmed that it's another boy. :) I have to be honest, I really did want another boy :) His name will be John Daniel. So far so good, no complications, no contractions, smooth sailing. I had my first bout of problems with my last pregnancy around 18 weeks. I hope this is better. We are hoping for atleast a 32 weeker. My OB says that since both of my babies have been born prematurly and done well, and were good weights, then once I hit the 32/33 week mark, if I go into labor, he will not stop it. He was very agressive last time with trying to stop labor, and ended up risking my health as well. I need to post some new pictures.. I havent had much time at all. With my last pregnancy, I was able to log onto here ALL day, everyday... Now, I have my hands full with two kids, and our dog... haha. My hands are REALLY going to be full as soon as this baby gets here.


margie - April 25

I'm so happy to hear that you are doing well! I remember reading during your last pregnancy how hard everything was, I hope that this time it can be a lot easier. Wow, it must be a lot of work having 2 kids and a pregnancy. That's cool that Owen will have a little brother! Congratulations on everything :-)


kimberly - April 25

Thats wonderful! Great to hear things are so good for you right now. I hope this pregnancy is much easier for you!


HeavenisMine - April 29

You're a trooper! Rooting for your newest addition and you and of course happy to hear you're hanging in there alright with little Owen. Man my daughter is such a chub compared to him (Five months and 20 pounds;) )


tk07 - April 29

that is great! my dd is 7 months old and she is only 15 pounds and about 25 inches, so she is on the small side too. I hope this pregnancy and baby are awesome and no issues!!! Well, of course the baby will be awesome no matter what :)



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