Update On Vacation With Ds

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BusyBee - February 25

Well, I survived. I went with dh on a 5-day holiday and we took our 10 month old with us. I was so worried about messing up his schedule and getting him to sleep in a hotel room. The nights were AWFUL - he screamed for at least an hour every night before falling asleep and then was up wanting to nurse twice during the night. Normally, he goes to bed easily at home and sleeps right through the night. At one point, I told dh to book his vasectomy on Monday. LOL. However, during the day he actually napped well and we had a lot of fun at the resort. We are all glad to be back at home and sleeping in our own beds! Just wanted to let you guys know that I survived it.


BusyBee - February 25

Just wanted to add that since we went on our holiday, ds has learned how to sit up in his crib, stand up in his crib, and walk 3 steps between dh and I. I guess a lot can happen in 5 days! LOL.


waiting100 - February 25

BusyBee - where did you go? Were you and hubby able to enjoy the resort - what kinds of things did you do with baby? Would you do it again? Me and hubby have a holiday planned with our - well he will be 1.5 yrs old when we go and I am nervous about it!!


Momof5 - February 25

I am glad you and hubby had a good time. I wish he would have been able to sleep better at night, but atleast he did great during the day!! Wow, he learned how to do soomany new things!! I hope my little man catches on soon.. :)


orchidmom - February 26

Its great to know that you and your hubby had a good time....Welcome back to your sweet home. Good Luck


Kara H. - February 26

A friend of mine gives her little ones (who are over the age of one) childrens benadryl at bedtime when they are away from home. They travel alot due to family situations. Before benadryl, they were asked to leave a hotel in the middle of the night because all the rooms around them were complaining about the nonstop crying. They ended up spending the night in their car. They were terrified they were going to fall asleep behind the wheel the next day. Thus began the bedtime benadryl ritual while traveling.


BusyBee - February 26

Waiting100, we went to a ski resort in the Rocky Mountains. Things that I did with the baby - we went to the outdoor hotsprings, swam in the hotel pool, went shopping, and dragged him along to different restaurants for each meal. We were lucky enought to have a friend in the room next to us that let ds nap in her room during the day - I used the baby monitor and put my feet up and read a book while he napped:) To be perfectly honest, I would not take a baby along again. I kept thinking about how much fun dh and I would have had if it was just the two of us. If you do take your ds with you, just try to relax and make the best of the situation - that's what I tried to do. I tried to think of it as a vacation from cooking, cleaning, and the usual rat race of life.



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