UPDATE Re Pregnancy

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AnytimeLittleone - February 22

Ok, so heres the bad news. The 2nd embryo doesnt seem to be growing the way it should. I have to go for another ultrasound next week to confirm lack of growth. If there has been no improvement, I see my OB GYN next Friday, and she will prescribe the drug Cytotec, to help my body with the evacuation. Thank you so much everyone for all of your support and encouragement. I thank god that this happened early, and not at 4 or 5 months. Im ready for this process to be over, so dh and I can turn our focus to the future, and the conception of another child. Bless you all!


mosley12 - February 22

wow im so sorry. hopefully when you go back nect week the baby will be just fine!


ashtynsmom - February 22

My toughts and prayers are with you. I am sure this is a very trying time for you, so hang in there. :)


krnj - February 22

My thoughts & prayers are with you. Keep your chin up.


LisaB - February 22

I'm so sorry I will keep you in my prayers. I also used the cytotec and it wasn't too bad. Sad but otherwise ok. Hang in there.


srigles - February 22

Oh, I'm so sorry! I'll be thinking about you.


Lisastar9 - February 22

Aw w w mee too. Bless you. I will be praying for you also.


bradylove - February 22

So sorry to hear that you have to go through this. You are in my prayers.


Kara H. - February 22

So sorry to hear about your sad news. How many weeks are you? I have lost three pregnancies (1st at 16wks, 2nd at 6wks, 3rd - twins - at 8wks). Depending on how far along you are, I don't know if I would use the cytotec. If you aren't very far along, you may reabsorb everything and just have a heavy period. If you are 8wk -10wks it may cause you to have much worse cramping than you normally would. If you are close to 12wks or beyond, you want a D/C - trust me.


HannahBaby - February 22

O Hon im so sorry, i have been thinking about you lately and hoping that you would get some good news. But you are right for looking at the bright side, it would be alot harder physically and emotionally if this happened later down the road. take care and Im so sorry for whats happening


LollyM - February 22

You are a very strong woman to be so optimistic right now. I had an early MC before dd was conceived and it was hard, but I was glad that it didn't happen later too. Many prayers coming your way =)


ry - February 22

Oh hon, I am so sorry. You will be in my prayers.


BriannasMummy - February 22

Wow.. its amazing that you can look at the good side to this even though youre going through something horrible. Ive been wondering what was going on with you, and Im sorry that you have to go through this at all! Ill definatly pray for you! ~Kristin~



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