Updated Pics Of Aja

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Narcissus - October 19

www.ajaesp.piczo.com --- Please ignore the stained orange shirt!! DH actually sent that pic out to people who have never seen Aja. How embarrasing!!!!!! It's his only t-shirt and he wears it a lot with blue cotton granny pants. We are sick of onsies but need more t-shirts. I know, we are stylish!


chelsey - October 19

Oh gosh, he's so cute! Look at his little teeth! Hailey was standing beside me looking at the pictures, and asked if we could go see him! I said you live too far away, she said "well why dont you drive!" Um ... got money for gas? He is too precious though, Narcissus! Dont worry about the orange shirt, spit happens!


Narcissus - October 19

Awww she wanted to see him? How sweet:) I think he looks like he has a toupe.


monica - October 19

he is beyond cute... so adorable. and he smiles so much..... my baby only smiles in the morning. Hey what kind of saucer do you have... that one looks nice. I would like to get Caleb one in December so I can take it to my moms house....she will be taking care of him while I am at work.


BBK ® © - October 19

WOW! Whatever compliment I make won't be enough! Is he almost walking?


Jenn... - October 19

AWWWW!!! He is such a handsome little man!!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 20

What a cutie! We also have clothes that I cant believe we take pictures of her in. It seems that when she is wearing something covered in sweet potatoes she does something funny! I love the expressions he makes with his eyebrows! Very cute!


Lissi - October 20

He's so adorable! Even in the spit covered T-shirt. :) How old is he now?


hp - October 20

He's very cute. How old is he ?


Narcissus - October 20

Thank you (I'm blushing) :) He is 7.5 months old and he is not walking. He just learned to crawl, or should I say scoot? He is always smiling and never has a bad moment. Even during his chickenpox, he was a tough little guy and full of spririt. What more could a mother ask for?


Karen - October 20

He is too cute for words. You shouyld be a proud mama


m - October 20

cute baby, what does the name aja mean?


Missy - October 20

Narcissus - OMG How FRIGGIN adorable is Aja!!!!! I don't know if you remember me - we used to talk on the "General Pregnancy Questions" forum - I had my baby, (finally) on Oct 4, girl, 7 lbs 4 oz, you can see her at rudyandmelissa.piczo.com maybe if you see the site you will remember me. Aja is so handsome - he is a ladies man already....How are you doing yourself - I remember you were having some problems after Aja was born - hope you are doing better now. Again your little one is just adorable - can't wait to see what the next one looks like LOL!!!


monica - October 20

missy your baby girl is adorable. I remember you from the pregnancy forum...you stop posting for a while. welcome back I had a boy back on july 26.


Missy - October 21

monica - Thanks! I am so lucky things went so well with my L&D. How big was your baby boy?


Narcissus - October 22

Missy, of course I remember you !! You were always a sweetheart and lots of fun to chat with. I tried to look at your webpage but it says "unavailable". Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl!! What did you name her and will the page be up and running soon, or is the problem on my end? I look forward to seeing her photos :)


monica - October 22

my baby boy, his name is caleb was 8.4 and 20 1/2 inches. Glad it all went well for you.



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