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Narcissus - July 9

Some of you have asked me if I have updated my piczo page and I finally did. We went to the park yesterday so I posted some new pics of Aja.


Narcissus - July 9



Ronni - July 9

Hi Narcissus, great photos. Could you tell me what that toy is in one of your photos. It looks like a bouncy seat with lots of things over his head. It looks like it is a lot of fun!!


Christy - July 9

OMG! He is so frickin' adorable! :) What a little man he has become! You're lookin' good too, missy. ;) How is that baby pool working out for you guys? Looks like he likes it. I wish I could tell you I have updated my Piczo site, but on the contrary, I took mine down. I was not keeping up with it. I might play around with my Photobucket album and use that for sharing instead. Thanks for sharing!


cae - July 9

Yes, very hansome little guy!!


Bonnie - July 9

He is just SO cute! I love his expression in that one with the remote control.


Chelsey - July 9

Holy sh*t!! Look how much Aja has grown!!! He looks like a little BOY now... not so much a baby. He is definately a handsome little devil!!! So cute!!


Narcissus - July 9

Thanks for looking everyone!! He is 16 months going on 10!! I have never seen such a strong willed child. I bet all parents think that about their munchkins. He was in love with remote controls and phones in the photo of him with the remote. I usually had to hide them. Ronni, the toy you are asking about is an "exersaucer", specifically the Evenflo brand. He was 3.5 months in that pic and I used blankets to prop him up. Buy one of those and you will never know how you managed without it! Christy - I know what you mean about not keeping up with the site. We could not find our camera for the longest time. Hi Chels!! How are H & G??


Crissy - July 9

Awwww so cute!!!! :-)


HannahBaby - July 9

O MY GOSH NARC HE IS SOOO CUTE!! I just want to squish his cute little face!! what a smile!! I update my site like everyday. http://hannahbaby05.piczo.com


Narcissus - July 9

Hannah is so funny in the pic where her pink hat is falling off!! She is a cutie:) From the looks of the carnival pics, she was having a ball. I bet Aja would love something like that. He gets all excited when he sees the carousel at our mall. You are pretty brave to ride that "train"! Carny rides freak me out. I once rode thru a haunted house and my car started on fire in the middle of the freakin ride!! I had to run out of the haunted house on the tracks. I thought I was going to die!



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