Upper GI Test For My 4 Month Old

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Perl - February 26

My ds will be 4 months old next week and has been having acid reflux problems that seemed to get better before getting worse. DS is back to having a hard time during feeding after getting better with Zantac. Now we're back to square one. Dr. is suggesting an upper GI test for him. Has anyone gone through this and did any good come from it? I don't want to put him through any unnecessary or useless tests but I'd really like to know what's wrong with him.


be - February 26

hi perl-my lo had an upper gi last week and the dr told me everything looked ok. she couldn't drink/eat anything 3 hours before the test and she had to drink barium during the test. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, but the dr. who did the upper gi said the test doesn't really determine if she has reflux and only clinically can a dr tell if my lo has reflux. i was happy that everything looks ok, but a bit disappointed they couldn't tell about the reflux.


Perl - February 28

Thanks be! I had heard that it's not really a conclusive test from someone else too. We went to see the pedi today. No upper gi was done on my lo. Instead he increased the zantac dosage based on my ds's weight. If this doesn't work then we'll try another medicine and if that does not work then off to do a gi test we go. I hope your dd is doing better.


Bonnie - February 28

All the test will tell you is if ther eis reflux or not, and they aren't the best at that. It can show if there is any other problem in the upper GI area though so it might be beneficial. It is not a hard test at all. Bring your own bottles and formula or whatever you use. They will add some barium to it and then she will lay on a table and drink while they xray her (you can be there holding her). they will move her to each side as well and look. It's pretty quick and easy. For Mason, it showed no damage but we could see him reflux quite clearly. For me, it was a peace of mind to see it because the doc just acted like I was a hypchondriac mother. After Zantac we tried Pepcic and when that didn;t work, I got a GI referral who finally gave us the Prevacid.


Bonnie - February 28

And yes, as Be said, they aren't that great at determining reflux. But they can show it. It just depends. It showed for Mason because movement brings outhis reflux, so when they would turn him, up the barium would go.



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