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wailing - November 21

Hi all. I'm sure this question has been discussed to death. But, here goes. I know u introduce single foods and wait 4-7 days before introducing another food. My question is...do u still serve the other foods as well, therefore adding another TBLSP?? For instance we've started rice cereal. And for 1wk we've been serving 1 TBLSP once a day. Now I'm going to introduce Swt Potatoes. Do I serve only the swt potatoe or do I serve both rice cereal and swt potatoe? If I serve both, how much of each do I serve. I don't want him to fill up too much on solids and not be hungary for b'milk. Just curious what everyone else did. THX


excited2bemama - November 21

hi wailing- if he is fine on rice cereal I think its okay to do both if you want... you don't have too. I don't really measure stuff out.. I just give my lo a little bit. I don't think she would ever refuse so I cut her off after a while. For instance.. one jar of baby applesauce lasted us for 3 feedings. I also don't wait 4-7 days either.. I only feed her every other day or every couple days so I deem that sufficent to watch for allergies. I think you more have to be cautious with the highly allergic foods like wheat, eggs, dairy, - things like that. If you notice that your lo drops a feeding or nurses less then decrease the solid amount.


DDT - November 21

You don't have to feed both foods atn every feeding. You can just stick to the sweet potatoe for 3-4 days to watch for an allergy and then after that you can rotate the two if you like. Then just keep doing that with every new food. Eventually you will be able to do combos (eg. sweet potatoe & apple). I just wanted to mention that even though solids shouldn't replace a feeding you have to consider that the older they get the less oz they need. Solids eventually has to replace milk feedings. For eg. at 9 months old peds like to see your lo on 3 milk feedings/3 solid feedings a day.


DDT - November 21

When he's a little older you can add another meal and then he can have cereal at one and his "new" or "tried & tested" food at the other. I believe I started 2 meals a day when my lo was 6 months old, but then I started solids at 4.5 months. By 7.5 months he was on 3 meals a day. He still drinks on the high end for his age at 24oz a day.


JerseyGirl - November 21

WAILING: You and I are going through the same thing. This whole solids thing is a science! Anyway, my pediatrician started my DS with rice cereal. I gave only that with his 4pm bottle. About a week later (which was too long), I gave him applesauce with his 12pm bottle. So each day, he's been getting a fruit then rice later on. I tried giving him rice with his 8am bottle too, but he seemed to be a bit constipated and uncomfortable so I nixed the morning portion. After he was fine with applesauce for a few days, I switched to bananas. So he no longer gets the applesauce. Once he's been through everything on my ped.'s list, I can go back to whatever I want. For whatever reason, he said not to mix foods... so I can't mix the bananas WITH the rice cereal and give it to him at 1 feeding. Not sure why, but I won't do it. As far as your DS filling up, I have that concern too. However, he seems to want his bottle more than the solids, even though he eats the solids, so he fights w/ me about eating the solid but then takes his bottle. Sometimes he gets his bottle first, then the solid (depending upon how hungry he is).



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