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18wbabynov - March 4

easy question: if your child goes to daycare, what kind of formula are they giving him (which one will they give him for free, not the one you might choose otherwise)? if they dont go to daycare, then which one do you use???? toooo many... and i need to make a decision NOW.


Wellis10 - March 4

Similac advance w/ iron...his almost 4 months old but he doesn't go to day care so i can't aswer that question.


bradylove - March 4

Enfamil (A+ if you're in Canada, Lipil if in the US)...we have to supply the daycare.


18wbabynov - March 4

my dd has been bfed since she was born, never had anything else... now she is 3.5 months, and i cannot feed her anymore... she is VERY demanding, ive tried fenugreek, mothers tea... oatmeal... bean soup... anything someone has told me... then i got sick with the stomach flu/food poisoning and i havent made ANY milk in days... i need to put her on something, my frozen supplies are going quick... whats most like b___stmilk (in reality, cuz they all say they are) ??? i feel like such an awful mom...


bradylove - March 4

I used enfamil to supplement...your milk should come back as long as you keep feeding her at regular intervals and drink LOTS of water. My milk dried up twice, almost completely, because of a stomach flu and a regular flu, but it did come back.


amber508 - March 4

I used Similac advance with Iron with my first daughter who is now a healthy and happy two yr old, also am using it now for my 2 month old dd... Both hospitals I delievered in had Similac Advance with Iron, so I felt better with it. As long as the formula you choose has DHA and ARA in it, I have been told iot is fine to give them.... which I believe most/all formulas have these in them. I know at least Similac and Enfamil do... Also, when my dd was in Daycare, we had to supply them with her formula.


18wbabynov - March 5

thanks ladies... i just feel so bad stripping her of everything she's known... she was already taking bottles (expressed b___stmilk) but this is just really hard for me... and im really worried it will just never come back, its been days now... though i do keep trying, and even if seemingly nothing comes out dd is satisfied and calmed by nursing anyways... the hospital where i delivered has similac, the daycare offers good start, and the dr. endorses enfamil.... jeeez.... i bought enfamil, and have tried it twice... its alright, but she doesnt seem too thrilled. im going to let daycare try the good start with her. we'll see i guess. how did you guys figure out which ones were best for your lo s?


Danielle19 - March 5

i would try the good start first since thats what the daycare has, and if seems to upset her tummy or she gets rash, i would try the enfamil or something else, my daycare offers enfamil, but ds is on good start and has been for 7 months so i just kept him on that


Emily - March 5

I use Enfamil with Iron. I also b___stfeed but my dd is 8 mos old and while she does liek all sorts of table food, she still wants more milk than I can produce. So I giove b___st milk and pumped milk when I can but give teh Enfamil when I cant'. She has had no problems with it. Dont wory about being a bad mother. You tried hard and that is what counts. I felt bad at first too as I never had a problem keeping up with my first. Alot of mother give their children formula and they are not bad mothers. Jsut because you can't bf any longer does not mean you are a bad mother. Somethings just work that way. It is not a failure on your [part. You care enough to ask about what formula you should give, that shows you care. I can not say how good the Enfamil is since my dd only gets a bottle a day of formula the rest bm, but she hasn't had any issues taking it or digesting it.....good luck, hope you find the right one for you....


eclipse - March 5

Hey its my baby's twin! (they were born really close to each other) I'm sorry you have been sick. I have had a similar problem because of my lo's tummy. I have had the best luck with Enfamil Gentlease. It seems most in color and smell to b___stmilk-doesn't have that funky smell, and is partially broken down, so won't throw her tummy into shock. Keep trying to pump if nothing else, you might be surprised about your ability to produce again. Make sure you are eating enough and drinking lots of fluids. You may still be dehydrated from being so sick. I don't do daycare yet but I think you have to supply your own usually anyway. Good luck!



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