Urine Infection In 3 Year Old

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kelbabe - October 24

not sure if i can post about a 3 year old here.......but if you could help, that would be great. my daughter is weeing loads. atleast 8 times a day! she says it doesnt hurt when she wee but complains of tummy ache quite a lot. im going to take her to the docs tommorro, but id like to know what to expect. they dont check her do they? will they just give her medicine? thanks. x


Seredetia - October 24

I've had chronic kidney/bladder infections starting from about 3-4 years old. I remember telling my mom that the soap burned me in my bath (now I know it wasn't the soap, but probably a result of me weeing in the bath water). They never checked internally, but I would have to pee in a cup -- just as I do as an adult. It's simple and not at all painful, so if it is that in her it will not be traumatic. I'm so sorry that she may be having this problem so early -- it's never any fun. Best of luck to you both.


excited2bemama - October 24

Well I am a RN and I work in a family practice office. I don't know where you live but in the usa if a 3 year old has these symtpoms we would dip her urine (its a lab test to check for bacteria) and the doctor would probably do an exam of her urinary area. They aren't just going to give meds for something if they don't know what it is.


kelbabe - October 25

thanks for your help. i read that if a kid under 5 has a urine infection, they also test the kidneys! is that right? something about kids that age dont really get water infection, its actually something wrong with their kidney?


excited2bemama - October 25

SOme docs might check the kidneys right away, some might not. It depends on the doc. If she keeps getting them they will defiantely check her kidneys. Good luck.


kelbabe - October 28

thanks all, for your help. a sample of her urine has been sent to the hospital and i will know the results mon or tues. will let you know. x



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