Using Pack N Play As Bassinett

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ry - January 31

Hi all, just wondering if you guys thought a pack n play was a practical/comfortable subsitute for a bassinett? And if so, how long should baby typically sleep in their befire going to their crib? Thanks so much for your input!!!


welllll.... - January 31

i didn't actually use the ba__sinette part of the pack -n - play so i don't know how comfy that is, but we did use it without the ba__sinette as a subst_tute for a crib (we didn't buy a crib - no room in our home for one). dd slept in that till she was 15 months old, then she moved to a toddler bed.


krc - January 31

I saw the pack in play online yesterday and I thought the same thing. Actually I am debating on getting a crib or not. I saw some pack -n-plays that looked like you could use it as a ba__sinett and then maybe when they're bigger put them in the mini play pen underneath. That seems just as practical as a crib...I think? I dont mind bending over to pick up my baby.


Dani aka Kamries mommy - January 31

Kamrie used hers for a ba__sinett up until this month when she turned 5 months old. She seemed to like it a lot but we just wanted her to get used to sleeping in her crib


Erin - January 31

We used it for my daughter until she was 12 weeks. She did not seem to have any issues, and transferred well into her crib.


babygirls1st - January 31

I think its great. We've used it since day baby is almost 5mos and is still in it. He should not use the ba__sinet portion once he is 15lbs. We have a regular crib too we use occationally, but will use more once he is 6mos. Pack and play can be taken upstairs, downstairs, outside, very convenient. We've already taken it to grandma's for the day.


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 31

We use the ba__sinet part every night- right next to my bed. She has never slept in her crib before and I really don't think she ever will. I guess it's for looks-lol. Good thing we didn't have to pay for it! She is 5 months old know and when she gets too big for that I guess we just use the regular part.


Jbear - January 31

I used the ba__sinette part of the pack and play until my baby was two months, then switched to the crib. She hadn't outgrown the weight part of it, but the one I had didn't have the full ba__sinette, just the three-quarters one, and she was long enough that she started looking crowded in it. I used the pack and play for my older girl when she was a newborn...we were living in a townhome and the crib was upstairs, so she slept in the pack and play when I was downstairs.


shaylanrae - January 31

oh i know ours is going to last us a while.. he doesnt use the ba__sinet part right now, cause we co-sleep. he just cant stand being on his own. but the pack-n-play is amazing. the changing table is so convenient, and right now we have the ba__sinet set up, so there is all kinds of room underneath it, so i stuffed all the large clothes that we got for glen underneath it, along with extra diapers and toys that he cant use until hes older. i think we might even use it as a crib, too. the playpen part is so nice, too. its gonna be great. i have no complaints about it. like i said, we might not even get a crib, and my parents are planning on buying us one as his christmas present. i read online, i think, the reviews, and so many people complained about the directions, but we got them pretty easily. i think as long as you look them over before setting it up, its so easy to set up and break down... i dont know how long we will use the ba__sinet part, but all together, the pack n play is staying with us not just for this baby, but all the others... (i want more!) but yeah, when he does sleep in it, he does pretty well.. just cant sleep long because hes a cuddle bug.


Liz - January 31

My son is also 5 months old and he sleeps in the pack 'n' play ba__sinet every night. he gets a good 10-12 hrs sleep in it. we're building on to the house so after the new room is done, we'll put a crib in there and let him sleep in it.



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