UTI In 5month Old

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amber k - October 30

My five month old has a urinary tract infection and her doctor wants us to do a VCUG. which is where they put a cathader inside her and fill her bladder with iodine and moniter the flow by sonagram. the cathader will stay in for approx. 30 minutes they are afraid that her kidneys are storing urine. the dr. was very sharp with me when I asked if their are any other options.. he said "if he dosen't preform the test we can sue him" I think he just wants more money because the first dr. I talked to said something different. I want another opinion but my husband seems to be sold on the cathader. I feel it is too invasive for my little girl. can someone shed some light on this for me.


-m - October 30

I don't know anything about UTI's in infants but I would go with your gut and seek a second opinion.


Jamie - October 30

Get a second opinion - he seems a little too paranoid for my tastes.


Katie - October 30

My four year old cousin has had UTI's since she was just months old. She has had surgery twice. She has a valve that doesn't shut. I personally would have the test.


ally - October 30

no way, i am sure it can be treated in another form, 2nd opinion big time


TC - October 30

Pleeeeaaaa__sse get a second opinion. Usually when our gut tells us that something is wrong...it is. The last thing that you would want to happen is finding out that it was not really neccessary. Getting a second opinion does not hurt at all.


Narcissus - October 31

"Imaging of the urinary tract is recommended in every febrile infant or young child following the first UTI. Imaging includes a renal and bladder ultrasound and a voiding cystourethrogram. The renal ultrasound may detect hydronephrosis, duplication anomalies, stones, or abnormalities of the bladder wall and should be obtained at the earliest convenient time. A cystogram may be obtained by instillation of contrast with fluoroscopy or by instillation of a radionuclide. Radionuclide cystography has the advantage of decreased radiation, while the contrast-voiding cystourethrogram has the advantage of providing better anatomic detail, which may help detect bladder/urethral abnormalities. Either method should include a voiding phase since reflux is the most likely abnormality to be detected and may only occur with voiding. The cystogram should be obtained once the child is free of infection. This guideline calls for prompt diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance of prophylactic dose antibiotics until imaging is obtained in all young children following their first UTI. Adherence to the guideline should reduce the incidence of renal damage from UTIs." --- http://www.uihealthcare.com/news/currents/vol2issue4/9urinarytractinfection.html


Narcissus - October 31

I also found this.... "Since the risk of renal scarring is greatest in infants, any child who presents with a urinary tract infection prior to toilet training should be evaluated for the presence of reflux. Children who may be lost to follow-up and those who have recurrent urinary tract infections should also be evaluated. The preferred method for evaluation of urinary reflux is a voiding cystourethrogram. Doc_mented reflux is initially treated with prophylactic antibiotics. Patients who have breakthrough infections on prophylaxis, develop new renal scarring, have high-grade reflux or cannot comply with long-term antibiotic prophylaxis should be considered for surgical correction. The preferred method of surgery is ureteral reimplantation. A newer method involves injection of the bladder trigone with collagen." -- http://www.aafp.org/afp/990315ap/1472.html


amber k - October 31

A second opinion sounds great. thank you all for your info. and the links. we have an appointment for her on the 10th to get a urine sample with a bag. hopefully all will go well. please keep her in your prayers.



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