Vacation With An Infant

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Deb - October 25

Has anyone taken vacation with their baby? I'm not due til May but we have an Alaskan trip booked 2 years in advance. Well the baby will be 3-4 months old. Will this work?I'm willing to skip some things that aren't baby friendly (overnite fishing trip) or should we check bringing someone with for help so I can do more??? Help


Jamie - October 25

Hmmm; will you be on a cruise ship? If so, check to see if they sell diapers. Find out if their medical staff is qualified to handle infants; do they have the necessary small-sized equipment, or the ability to transport an infant to a care facility? Is there child care available, so that you and your husband could enjoy dinner without the baby? Honestly, for a cruise, I'd think maybe you should leave the baby home with a relative. But, contact the travel agency, and find out if it's appropriate to bring the baby. If you're formula feeding, find out if they sell formula. If b___stfeeding, will you have a fridge/freezer in your room, so that you can store expressed milk if you need to?


Heidi - October 25

Sounds like fun! I'd ask your agent about what Jamie said but if you're willing to sacrifice some of the fun stuff, I'd say go for it. I know I would.


klmr - October 25

When I went on my honeymoon there was a couple with a baby in the cabin a few doors down from us. I remember them clearly because when they did the mandatory emergency drill at the beginning of the cruise I remember how cute the baby looked in it's tiny life preserver! I would take the baby with you, I definately would not leave a 3 month old baby at home, it will be traumatic for all of you! You may want to consider bringing someone along so you will be free to enjoy the fancy dinners & such. But if you are willing to give up some of the activities I think you will be fine with just the two of you & the baby.


Deb - October 26

Thanks to all of you. We won't be on a cruise. It's a fishing/hunting outfit in Kodiak. We would be staying at a lodge on the water. It's a family owned place and we've met the couple so I plan to check with them too as it gets closer. I'd like to make this work it should be fun.



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