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waiting100 - February 6

My ds is almost 10 months old--we have yet to take a vacation with baby due to the obvious - he is a small baby - vacation to me seems like a lot of work with a small baby?! Well, now that he is getting bigger/older and is trying to walk -- me and hubby are thinking of going on a vacation in either August or September - he will be 1 year and 4 or 5 months. Is this a good age to take baby on vacation? The place we want to go is a resort on a beach with a swimming pool, zoo, legoland, wild animal park, sea world, and hubby wants to take in a professional MLB baseball game also. We are thinking like 4 of 5 day vacation? The plane ride would be 1 1/2 hours. Looking so forward to getting out of town but before baby me and hubby on a typical vacation would hit the bar at the pool for several drinks, go out to nice dinners, spa, and explore--but with baby - I am thinking the vacation would be much different. Can someone give me an idea/insight of how a vacation is with baby - no sugar coating, just want to know how vacation will be with baby. Thanks Girls!!! Oh, and would it be more fun for it to be just us three or invite family/friends - or would family/friends make things even more complicated?


mommybabyboy21 - February 6

Here is worst case...but some of these things may or may not happen...the plane ride your baby could get ants, if he has any inner ear problems make sure that he sucks on something during take niece has an inner ear problem and when we took her on a plane as a baby she would scream during take off now that she is older we discovered that she needed to be sucking on something and now that she is 5...we let her chew bubble gum, but watch her very carefully. Be prepared for any schedule to go off track...I have only seen one of my friends keep her baby on schedule when we are on vacation. I have gone with lots of baby's to baseball games...the usually like to people watch for awhile but then they can get you may have to walk around with them. He is going to love the zoo, I perasonal wouldn't pay for legoland...I think that place is over priced...but if its included in a package go for it. One thing to remember when you take him to the zoo is that in a stroller the baby's usually can't see into the exhibits that well so you will have to lift him up alot...not that I ever minded. If you want a night to yourself with just hubby I would include a relative or friend that you trust with ds. My mom and I personally get along great and I take her with me on vacations because she gets to experenice the joy of her grandson face at the theme parks and then I also get to go and have fun without ds. Its extra work to go with a baby...but its no more extra work I think then you are already used to at I love Disneyland again and the zoo because the expressions on my baby's face when he is discovering these places for the first time is so great and wonderful.


mommybabyboy21 - February 6

of course before I had my friend took me on vacation with her and her lo and she didn't like it and became jelouse because her lo stuck to me and not her, we went to disneyland and she tried taking her lo on a ride and her lo would scream...I take him and he would bring family or friends can be a drawback too...


Jenny - February 6

If I were you, I'd go for a weekend with your baby now to get a feel of how it will be. With my son we went on a 4 hour car ride to Galveston Island when he was about 4 months old. Every trip after that got a little easier because we kind of got a feel for how he would react in a different setting.



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