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OP - October 14

It stumps me ? Is it a solution ? The whole issue keeps growing and growing and it won't get better , if anything it seems as though we are doomed . Should people vaccinate according to common diseases in their part of the world or just go for it according to availabilty of different clinics held ?


My answer - October 14

I am in the US and my children have been vaccinated with all the recommended / available vaccines. I don't know if some of the diseases would be considered common in our part of the world, but I would rather a small shot for them now than have to deal with a bigger problem later if they are exposed to something.


BBK ® © - October 14

"a" solution it is, and for a lack of a better solution it is also "the" solution. I dont think we're doomed, and people should either trust their healthcare provider for vaccination answers or get a new one they can trust.


Leona - October 15

That's a pretty tall order for some. In times past your healthcare provider was someone you knew very well. S/he was your parents dr or your dr as a child. For most people now it's whomever is on rotation, or someone you don't see very often so it's hard to build something like trust. A better solution would be to do some research on your own so you have some idea of what's going on and come prepared to ask questions. After all the doctor is only "recommending" a course of action it is you who ultimately decides to do it or not. You should have some idea if what you are agreeing to is good, bad, or neutral.


BBK ® © - October 15

That's true Leona. I completely agree that you should certainly be informed....however, half-knowledge is almost always worse than complete ignorance. I think it's an even taller order for the average person to absorb and evaluate scientific research and separate a clinical study from a sensationalist media report. The media's aim is exclusively ratings and they don't hesitate to put things out of context or even marginalize what won't support the report's findings. I still agree with the general idea though. Also I'm not so sure that you can't have a steady pediatritian; it maybe true in some cases but not most, at least from what I read in this forum. And yes you are correct, doctors can only recommend. Nobody can force you to undergo ANY medical procedure, unless of course you're unconcious and there is no next of kin around.


Leona - October 15

Total ignorance is never in anyone's best interest. Even if what you have read is media sensationalism your doctor should be able to counter it. If we want to be fair and flip the coin on the media ratings issue, we could say that the doctor's interest lies in profit. Balanced this way, it is still in your best interest to have "some" knowledge and also realise the media is not the only source of information.


OP - October 15

I can think of three times in my life where if I didn't take antibiotics I would probably be dead . But what I am trying to portray here is the endless barage of vaccination clinics and advisories stumps me . Should we be planning vaccinations according to what we find necessary and forcing the system to evaluate our children before vaccination because I don't find clinics to be very accomodating .


BBK ® © - October 15

Leona, there is a colossal difference between a peer-reviewed double-blind scientific study and some half baked media report. Doctors are held a lot more accountable than reporters. Yes, they work for profit, and there are some that are not good, but overall I personally would trust a Doctor before I'd trust a reporter for a variety of reasons. OP, you make a good point, there is just too much medication out there, not just vaccines and it's worth looking in to alternative medicines. Unfortunately much of the alternative medicine is poorly regulated so many charlatans sell themselves as legit....


To BBK - October 15

BBK, note that at the end of Leona's post she said the media is not the only source of information. This means that if you have the know how you can find those double blind studies you refer to. It looks as if you are having a really hard time grasping not only what was in the article on polio, but what others have to say in general. It's great that you feel so strongly about vaccinations and doctors, but I think it has you blinded to what others are saying especially if it is not in agreement with what you believe.


I agree - October 15

isn't that the truth ! I admire that he takes the time to be helpful that deserves some respect and appreciation although at times he can be a bit of a one sided a__s.


BBK ® © - October 15

Point well taken "to BBK". There are some valid points the anti-vacine crowd and I don't want to overlook them. I also find a lot of BS on that side of the fence which may affect my judgement, unfailry so.


to BBK - October 15

don't be disheartened and keep up the good effort and good intentions even though I am on the other side of the fence ... I just can't handle the topic because of my own experience from a tetnus shot because of a dog bite undirected anger I shouldn't have last week but nonetheless did so accidently and in poor taste , vaccination is a weak spot for me ... you are a better man than I for trying . Es situation sounds so bad I'm in a little shock I don't even know the girl and feel bad probably because I made comments . anyway hope she makes it through this because when she commented to me that maybe I should adopt a child in africa I knew she had a big heart . Don't want to say my name you know who I am and I promise to stay away from the topic .


Jen - October 16

People come into and go out of this country every day, you need to take that into consideration. Just because a disease has vanished here, doesn't mean it has elsewhere.



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