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tk07 - April 8

Does anyone not vaccinate their child? I just don't know what to think about it. My dd has already had up top her 4 month shots and now i am just doubting continuing them. There are so many horrible things in vaccines that can cause cancers and immune disorders and GI disorders etc... Of course the Dr's say to get them but 2 Dr's we know do not vaccinate their kids. If you do any sort of research on it, it just seems like one of those drug company things like how you need a drug for everything or you will be sick!!but do they really help?? So NO judgement in this post, just want to know everyones thoughts. thanks!


Crystal83 - April 9

In my opinion, immunization is very important. There are many diseases and illnesses that were around 100+ years ago that we do not have to deal with today thanks to vaccines. I would not want to put my child at risk for developing something that is almost 100% preventable. There are risks and side effects in everything and the ones you are talking about in vaccines are VERY rare and is usuaully brought on by something dormant already in the child. Of course everyone has their opinion on this topic and I feel strongly about freedom of choice, but that was my 2 cents. :)


wailing - April 9

We have given my ds all his shots up to 6 months. . But, I understand your concern. We decided to space out the ones from 12 months on. The MMR was the one ppl say could be connected to Autism (and u get that btwn 12-15 months). There are some vaccines that you should absolutely give ur child (IMO) and then some that may not be as neccessary (like the Heb B...though Hep B is a serious disease). But, ultimately it is a decision that you have to make. There are many parents that don't vaccinate (and I understand why..I'm terrified and wish I didn't have to). But, our nurses and dr's did tell us that many old childhood diseases are making a comeback (like Rubella, Measles and Pertussis). I'm just as scared of my child becoming ill from diseases that I could prevent. Mercury (thimerisol) was taken out of vaccines (accept the flu shot) in 2001.


britt_m - April 9

I posted a vaccination question not too long ago and got some very much "for" vaccinations and totally against what I said. We did vaccinate my dd but the ones that cause most concern are I believe given at 12-18 months. We are still getting them but spacing them out, up to 24 months. Its the level of toxicity of giving them at once and some little brains can't take it, supposedly it also has to do with their genetic makeup as well. To me its better to be safe than sorry, so I'm spacing but still getting them. This is what I read from researching : ). Good luck in your decision.


maryg - April 9

We're delaying/spacing out but plan to be caught up by school age. I highly recommend "The Vaccine Book" by Dr Sears--it's got the most up-to-date info on each shot, listed by brand.


tk07 - April 9

we did not give her the first hep b shot that most get in the hospital. so really she has only had her 2 month and 4 month shots and her 6 month ones are in 2 weeks. I just get so nervous about all of the poisons they put in the shots. I never thought about spacing them out more. maybe i will talk to dh about that too. we got a sheet from a Dr we know about all the stuff in vaccines and it is almost ridiculously scary. one thing even has been known to cause cancer in mice. I totally understand the thing with preventing those illnesses and that is my dilemma. but at the same time what if her little brain couldn't handle it and i caused it. to me it is almost a lose/lose. I guess i will just need to do my own research some more.


melissap - April 9

I have vaccinated all 3 of my kids. They have not comletley proven that vaccines cause autism. I have a friend whose son has aspergers and she continued to vaccinate him and her other son. OUr area has also had a huge outbreak of Mumps and Rubella so much that they added another MMR vaccine in junior high to try and curb the spread. These diseases that they vaccinate for are out there as this has proven. It is a personal choice and I chose to vaccinate rather than deal with one of these disease. ANd I live in Canada so it can happen.


clindholm - April 10

Autism and Thimerasol are not the only issues with vaccines, they are just the only issues that the media has gotten ahold of and publicized. Do your own research, there are many toxic ingrediants (aluminum for one). The number of vaccines has MORE THAN TRIPLED (up to 36 by age 5) since the 80's. There really is no conclusive proof that vaccines really decreased the incidents of these diseases. Most of them dropped way down about 2 years before these so called miracle vaccines were introduced. Most can be attributed to better hygeine and nutrition.There is also much less incidence of these diseases in Europe where they do not force people to vaccinate (which is the biggest violation of Human Rights). When researching, always consider the interest of the source. Big Pharma and the Gov't are hand in hand for big money!!! Do what you feel is right for your child after ready all you can.


amyh - April 11

In Switzerland, there is currently a Measles problem because of parents not vaccinating. More kids have died because of it...


Tan - April 11

We do not vaccinate. If you want any info.. let me know i can hook you up with tons!


docbytch - April 12

I strongly believe in vaccinations. This is largely due to the idea that if everyone chose NOT to vaccinate....many diseases that have SIGNIFICANTLY declined in the past 50 years would begin to re-emerge. I know vaccinations carry some risk....but it's minute. The media have overplayed the risk to such an extent that the general public have become downright paranoid about vaccinating their children. It it not good enough to rely on "herd immunity" as a means to protect your children. Too many immigrants from places where these same diseases are indemic come over here and place our kids at risk (if they are not vaccinated). It would be nice if life had a guarantee attached. But it doesn't. However....vaccinations have made a HUGE difference in the quality of life for our children. Polio....practically gone now. Smallpox....almost eradicated. Measles............WAY less common than it once was..... The list goes on and on. I know people will do what they feel is right. Just providing a healthcare person's perspective =)


pregnantjackie - April 13

I'm with maryg---space them out, if you are worried. Also be sure to ask the doctor if it has any mercury or...I forget the other name of the other preservative but it starts with an 'a'...That is what is causing problems I believe. I know someone who had a sick baby and every time they had a vaccination appointment he would get sick I guess (I don't know all the details.) and once he was 2yrs old, they took him for all his vaccinations at he is autistic. I also know someone else who had a baby who almost died they were so sick after vaccinations. BUT I won't let that prevent me from getting my baby vaccinated. I agree that its important, and they are taking more precautions now with the preservatives. Be careful of the flu shot in babies though...that can be dangerous...


tk07 - April 13

I don't know what to do. we have read so much stuff saying how there is awful things put into them and just like what clindholm is saying. Yes Tan, i would like some info :) her shots are supposed to be in a week and a half so i need to decide! we almost didn't even start them, like i said she never got her first hep b one because we thought she was way to little and what the heck are the chances of that?! i didn't get that ever. and, i can always give her them when she is a lot older, like before school starts when there is the most risk of infection. just because they say to do it now doesn't mean i have to now. i don't know! i guess you can tell which way i am leaning.....



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