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pbj - June 23

There's no defending to do, I was asking you a legitmate question. It has nothing to do with your character. I was simply stating that normally when you think of one in the military it's not of a mom who is environmentally concious, who is against vacs, etc. Maybe I'm not correct and maybe there are many the same as you. That is why I said you would seem anti-military. You get defensive when there is no reason for it, I was simply asking a d__n question. Not everyone is out to get you, some people like me, are just curious. There's nothing to get p__sed out, and when you say "you don't know a d__n thing about me" did you ever think that maybe some of us would like to really get to know eachother? Maybe my asking you is trying to get to know you? But I see that is not an agenda for you. BTW, free education is not a const_tutional right. It is a right granted by the states, not the federal govt. I am sorry that you get screwed being the military, but if you would go back and read what I said you will see that I specifically stated that I understand your situation is different. There's no point in trying to carry a conversation with you, you obviously don't wish for anyone here to really know where you're coming from. I know, as a civilian, I really don't count.


Ginny - June 23

About the vaccine debate, I know ALOT of people who chose not to (alot of hippies in my area :0) ) and that's one of the reasons I did choose to vaccinate. I did alot of research first, but I recieved a very clear impression that most agencies to convince me to not vaccinate had something to gain (selling books, conventions, etc). I know you could argue that dr's/pharmacies/medical agencies have something to gain, but their side has actual scientific data to back them up. Most anti-vaccine studies are just that, skewed studies without control groups performed on small, selective groups of participants. One major scientific study closely watches the results of introducing vaccinations to other countries to see if autism (and other risks) rise. It hasn't. The clencher for me is that every major autism advocate supports vaccines. I'm sure you've already made your decision, Melissa G., but I couldn't help but throw in my two cents for other readers. Remember that worry never helped anyone - when I find myself worrying, I try to arm myself with information to get up and do something about it. I hope that helps!


Jamie - June 23

PBJ, to me, the military IS character. Wouldn't you get defensive if I said to you that you don't seem to be the kind of person to be a mother? How in the world did you end up with a child? (Your exact words, subst_tuting scenarios.) Perhaps being military isn't character-related to you, but it is to me.


HannahBaby - June 23

Bean, there is no proven information out there that goes either way. I mean they are coming out with studies now that say that pregnant women who consume ANY tuna are putting their child at risks for autism. I dont know if any of you saw the PARENTS mag from February 2006 but they had parents (who were also doctors) who had children with problems. (one ped. had a son with cystic fibrosis, a cancer researcher whos daughter had lukemia) One was a child psychologist, who had an autistic daughter. They asked them a bunch of questions and i quote (father to parents mag) "Theres just not sufficient medical evidence to believe that mercury in vaccines causes autism. When we had our second daughter, we chose to vaccinate her. Theres also not enough evidence to support chelation (to remove mercury from the body) as an autism treatment." I choose to vaccinate my children because while there is no proof either way if the vaccinations cause autism, there is proof that the diseases that they are vaccinating agaisnt are deadly, Ill take my chances with what IS proven.


AprilMum - June 23

I've stayed out of this....but feel compelled to comment now. Bean, your logic of "if your kid's vaccinated, I don't have to worry about mine" - is seriously messed up. I can't wait till we have lots of kids without vaccines and we can start having crazy epidemics again. I've always wanted to live in a third world country.


AprilMum - June 23

Say, maybe being violently ill, will help that whole child obesity issue.


pbj - June 23

I would think that I wouldn't get offended...maybe if someone said I was a bad mother than yes, of course. Did I say you were not good for the military? No I didn't. To be honest noone thought I would ever have children so for someone to say that to me would not be that shocking. I did nothing that I thought, or anyone else thought for that matter, I would do. doesn't matter. You're going to continue to be offended and I was interested in the answer, but not so much now.


jess - June 23

it is not just autism, any immune system diseases can result from vaccnations, i have suffered since age 2 with a chronic and degenerative diorder as a result of my MMR, it doesnt happen to everyone, but it does happen, and it can be affects everything i do everyday, including care for my son. please do notr minimize this...with that said, my son was seen as a 'high risk' to have an adverse reaction, and i still devoured as much literature as i could and agonized over what decision was right for him, and not just for me, considetring i had a personal bias......i made the decision that i believed right for him, and i made the decion out of love, with as much information as possible, thats all any of us can do, and hopefully we can live free of judgement or people cursing epidemics or aware, it does happen, not often, but when it does often the reaction can be worse than what the vaccination was for!


Mommy - June 23

Bean your comment was rude and uncalled for. As a parent who vaxes her kids I see no problem with people who choose not to vax, but at the same time saying that we are "p__sed off and jealous" is untrue. And for a parent to say something of the "better your kid than mine" genre is wrong. And suppose the parents that do vax stopped? That would be a welcome mat for epidemics to start again. If you don't want to vax, don't do it. At the same time, don't judge the ones who do, it just shows your maturity.


pbj - June 23

Sorry Bean I just saw your comment to me...if you had read my post you would've seen I said the govt (through the people). Of course it's not free to homeowners, but it is to everyone else. Well, actually I shouldn't say that because I don't know how it's paid for in other states other than Florida. Education in Florida is paid through property taxes...I'm sure there's a few additional ways, but we paid $600 extra dolloars in prop. taxes just for schools. Believe me I don't live anywhere glamorous either.


nic nac - June 26

bean that statement was very ignorant. I am not p__sed off at parents who chose to wait. What sense does that make? I worry all the time about the vaccines but I worry about the disease more than the vaccine. Don't you know that these diseases are still running rampant in other countries and we are only a plane ride away from a local or even larger epidemic? Aren't you aware of the latest outbreak of measles and mumps in Iowa? Your baby can get the disease from an adult or a child and for you to say your baby's risk is limited, is ridiculous. You don't know who could be carrying the disease. If you choose not to vax fine, or to delay is fine too but don't a__sume we who do vax on time are p__sed off.



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