Vaccinations Insurance Problems

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whynotme - October 22

I jus had to come on here to see how many other families have a c__ppy insurance carrier that only cover a small amount for well baby/vaccination visits. I just got my EOB for my babies 4 month check up/vaccinations and my portion is $481.68 of $623.00 billed! I called my insurance carrier and they told me that our carrier only covers up to a maximum of $500 from birth to 9 years of age for vaccinations and well baby visits. Can you believe that? I am going insane right now. We all know how many more times the babies go for vaccinations and check ups so how in the world are we supposed to afford this? Are there any other mothers out there that are having the same issue as me? Are you thinking of taking your baby to the Health Dept. to get vaccinations? If so, how do you feel about it? Are they safe? Oh, I just don't need this right now. I just want to scream!


spamanda - October 22

whynotme most counties/cities offer lo-cost or no-cost vaccinations. i'd call your doc's office and see if they know where you should start looking. i'd also be sure to tell your employer how disappointed you are that your insurance doesn't cover BASIC MEDICAL CARE. that's ridiculous. good luck! ~spam


MNMOM - October 22

wow, that is awful. sorry to hear that whynotme! I have had 3 different employers over 2 different children in my lifetime and always I have had 100% coverage for well-baby visits and vaccines. Hope you are able to find some alternatives like spamanda said. good luck!


Seredetia - October 23

I would definitely try and take your child to a free clinic or speak with your pediatrician and see what else is out there. There are a lot of state-run programs that should be able to help out with the costs. I'm sorry I don't have a better suggestion, but the health clinics STILL have to meet state regulations. I wouldn't worry about them not being clean, just about the wait time. Honestly, I'm sure your baby's health is worth any wait.


friendtilthend - October 23

Hello whynotme..... What state are you in? I worked for a medical clinic for 4 yrs I checked insurances on a daily basis. First of all if you are here in California they do have a program that you can use just for Physicals and immunizations. Just ask your pediatrician about any programs they might offer. You can take your baby to the health department, vaccinations are a lot cheaper there.


Kara H. - October 23

If you are located in the US, call your local health department. It is common in my area for health insurance companies NOT to cover vaccines. But its not too big of a deal since the health departmetn does them for little to no charge. I went there for my own Hep B series. My doctors office charged $75 per shot, health department only charged $25



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