Vaccine Questions

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maryg - March 5

I just got "The Vaccine Book" by Robert Sears and I highly recommend it! I've been researching delaying all vaccines and skipping some for a while and this book has more/better/more up-to-date info than anything I've come across! For example, since we're delaying the DTap vaccine until 6 months, we will only need 3 doses as opposed to the usual 4. Also, for those who want to vaccinate fully using the recommended schedule or delayers, it lists ingredients of vaccines by brand. This is really important as some vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, cow parts, monkey parts, etc and some contain only the vaccine itself and completely benign ingredients like saline. I really think that even someone who chooses not to vaccinate should read this book--there's something for everyone. I can't recommend it enough!


javidsgirl - March 5

i have read it , it was good but hear in canada i have never had a problem asking my doctors question or asking to read the ingredient labels on the vaccine itself


sarah21 - March 6

Thanks for the recommendation. I have decided not to vaccinate my daughter and will be curious to see what this book has to say.


Kristine - March 12

This book is amazing. I just got it last week. It is not an anti-vaccine book but just presents the facts. My dd will be one year old in two weeks and we have decided to delay her shots from here on and will be following the delayed schedule he recommends. Wish I had this book sooner. Unfortunately, this is not covered in regular infant preparation cla__ses.


maryg - March 12

Isn't it great?! This book actually made me more PRO vaccine than I was. We were considering skipping all of them out of hand, but being able to see what the controversy is for each vaccine and having a mainstream doctor validate the need for a delayed schedule really helped us feel better about everything. We're still skipping the non-required shots, but we'll get all the required ones--just selecting brands of shots we feel more comfortable with at a pace that seems more reasonable. Hopefully this book will make other parents feel more empowered in knowing we have CHOICES! GO Sears!


Kristine - March 13

Mary, I felt the same way as you before I read it. I'm actually half way through. I take notes as I go along so i'm prepared for my dd's next visit. How old is your child? Can I ask what you plan to skip?


maryg - March 13

Sure! She's 6 months. We planned to wait until then and then get Dtap one month and Hib the next, alternating until she has 3 of each. Dtap kind of freaks me out but it's the one people seem to think is really important because of the pertussis. We decided to go with Daptacel because of the ingredients, but my doc didn't have it so we just got a shot of ActHib last visit--her first shot! My doc said to call our pharmacy about the Daptacel before our next visit. She said if they didn't have it she'd try to figure out how to get it. After that, we're doing the MMR at 4 years (so she only has to get one dose). I'm hoping they've cleaned up the MMR by then too, since it's so controversial and there's only one brand. We'll get her tested for immunity before giving boosters. Then, to avoid having to get an exemption we'll probably go ahead with polio, chick pox and hep B some time between 4 years old and school age. We're skipping the rest--they're not required and the only one we were leaning towards was rotavirus and it's too late for it to work after 6 months anyway.



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