Vasectomy S

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Brandi - January 31

Has anyone's husband had one? Jay wants to get it done, just curious about recovery and cost.


bekysu - January 31

My doctor advised me to NOT have any more children, I have 2, and my hubby will NOT get one. His brother had one and had said that he had some mild discomfort for 3 weeks. My bro in law had it done and went golfing afterwards. Most men that I do know that have had it said that it was absolutely nothing. It's less invasive for the man to be sterilized and less expensive. A vasectomy is usually an "in office" procedure. We opted for the IUD. No recovery and it was only $700 bucks. Compare that to months of birth control pills or rings within the next five years and its cheaper.


torbman - January 31

My hubby is scheduled for his 2nd vasectomy on monday. The 1st was not so successful as I am holding my 8 month old son. Hehe. I have also 2 girls, 11 and 8. He had his first one 4 years ago. We thought all was good and after a year of hubby having one I decided to go off the pill. I found out a year after that that I was 12 weeks pregnant. He went back for all the nessesary tests and all. About 1/1000 it happens to, however I think that it happens more then that. Kev's first one he was off about a week or so but check with work because some will tell you that you may have two weeks. Not sure how much it was. I am in Canada and OHIP covers it.


Nerdy Girl - January 31

My husband should be the poster boy for vasectomy. Neither of us could believe how easy his was.


BreaunasMommy - January 31

I have a dumb question that my husband and I have been wondering. Ok dont laugh at me lol Wondering when they have a vasectomy, when the guy ejaculates does s____n still come out or does nothing but air come out. :)


BreaunasMommy - January 31

I feel so silly for asking that!


torbman - February 1

Don't feel silly. I wondered the same thing before hubby got it done. Semen still comes out however it will not contain sperm. I think it takes like 15-20 ejaculates before your sperm are gone. I think you go back like 6 weeks later and they check the sperm count.



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