VBAC Experience

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amyh - November 7

I just wanted to share my experience for others out there contemplating it.... I have a 20 month old (Breech-csection) and now a 3 week old daughter. I found out I was pregnant when my first was 11 months old, so it was before the recommended 1 year wait. 37 weeks and 5 days into the pregnancy, the second daughter was born. Cramping started the night before, followed by pre-labor. I was checked out at hte hospital and they sent me home saying it would probably be within the week. Well, that afternoon I returned with contractions every 2.5 minutes. I tried different positions, etc, but the pain was bad so I tried the water bath. It did NOTHING for me and decided to break my water while I was in there. It was filled with blood, so it was slightly worrisome. They got me out, things sped up really quickly, and within 15 minutes my daughter was born (after only 3 hours!). I never got the epidural that I was screaming for ;-) Everything was way too quick. But, they did say it was for the best, because of all the blood...they would have thought it was the uterus rupturing. In the end, they did an ultasound to ensure I had no rupture in teh uterus and mom and baby are great! The blood was more than likely due to a premature separation of the placenta. I can honestly say a c-section was much easier to deal with, but this time around that wasn't an option because of my toddler. I wanted to be able to hold her afterwards. And, the recovery pain is worse with a natural birth---but, in the end, I would still chose a natural birth. I feel great now and lost ALOT more weight faster than with the c-section- big incentive there. If there is a number 3, the VBAC will happen again!


Cathy2 - November 7

thank you so much for your story! I just had a c-section due to a breech, but desperately want a v____al birth next time. I am surprised to hear that the recovery pain is worse with a natural birth, but I really jsut want to be able to walk and get myself in and out of bed next time around...I'll trade int he pain for mobility i think!


catgiggles - November 7

Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I also had a c-section due to baby being breech and want to do VBAC this coming time (ds is 8 months and we are ttc now)...I too am surprised the pain is worse for you thats a bummer. I know a couple ppl who have done both (but had the v____al birth the first time). And they said the v____al birth was way less painful. I delivered my ds to his hip bones before he became stuck and they had to do c-section. The c-section hurt worse than my tush but thats just me and maybe since I didnt deliver the shoulders it wasnt so bad. I'm not sure which breech it is but his legs were bent up to where he feet were on top of his head. It actually smashed his head to the point he had no soft spots at all. Thanks again for sharing!


catgiggles - November 7

O i hope that didn't sound like I was saying that it shouldn't be hurting you as bad!!!!!!! That is no way what I meant lol I just meant that is a bummer than it is being more painful than the c-section but hopefully the pain wont last as long this time for you! Wishing you a speedy recovery!!


amyh - November 8

I had a really good c-section experience and was only in constant pain a few days- I still had the long term recovery pain every now and then, but not day in and day out. To me, constant pain is worse. And, since my labor was so fast with the VBAC, they couldn't help me with anything. I had started perineal ma__sages, but didn't get very far as my daughter was early. Plus, I should add that I was alone with a toddler (hubby working and hunting), so I didn't get any time to relax and heal. I would definitely repeat it though- I don't want to scare anyone off! It's not like the pain was horrible afterwards- just VERY uncomfortable.


another Karen - November 8

Amyh, thank you ever so much for sharing your experience and I'm very pleased for you. My dd is 2.5 and was emergency C due to breech too. Before that pregnancy I never believed I could give birth naturally but when I found out I was pregnant we were really looking forward to the birthing experience. Now that I'm 4.5 months with the 2nd I'm back to feeling how I used to but think I'd be best to go natural so as to avoid trying to hold my daughter off me while I recover.


DeeD - November 8

I find that amazing. I just had my seventh baby emergency c-section (I had renal kidney failure) 5 weeks ago today. I still have severe nerve pain. I would give anything to go back and NOT have a c-section and take my chances of damaging my kidneys just to have a regular delivery. The recovery from a section has been sooo horrible. Having had 6 kids v____ally, I will admit the first v____al was hard. But the susequent deliveries were so simple. I was fuly recovered within a couple of days. If we have an 8th (and final) kid...it will absoulutely be a VBAC if I have any say in it. I would never want to do this again-EVER!



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