Vent About Dh

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krnj - July 8

Hi Ladies, sorry I know this is off topic. I was in a minor car accident this morning with a fairly new car. (There's only a few scratches) Well my dh seems to think it's the end of the world!! He didn't even bother to ask if I was ok! He just went on & on about how I don't pay attention. This is the first accident I've ever been in!Luckily my ds wasn't in the car with me! Now dh is in a mood and won't even talk to me. Guess that's men & their cars! Anyway, thanks for listening!


Mellissa - July 8

ha.. i think it must be a guy thing!! when i was 8 1/2 months pregnant with my daughter i rear-ended some teenager who came to dead stop in the middle of the highway for no reason. when i called my husband from the scene the first words out of his mouth were "who's fault was it?" i was furious with him. no, "is the baby ok, are you ok?" nothing like that. you better believe i didn't talk to him for a few days! lol. i guess guys' brains are designed to think of material things above our well being.. ugh.. men! ;)


venus_in_scorpio - July 9

men can be such a__ses....


krnj - July 9

Well he's finally talking to me today after he saw that it's only a few scratches. Ugh....


bbm - July 11

He should be grateful that you are safe and that's it!


Annette - July 11

LOL, it must be a men thing. Once my mom was hit by a truck while driving my dad's new car . When she called him, she was not finished saying "I had a car accident" when my dad started screaming "THE CAR!!! IS THE CAR OK???". It was a small dent but she got so mad that she answered "It's total loss!" , hung up and let him suffer for the rest of the day.


krnj - July 11

lol thanks for listening everyone! :)


Narcissus - July 11

I am glad to hear you were not hurt in the crash. How awful would he feel if the mother of his child was injured?? I have a method that I use on my dh when I have to share some bad news. I am sure you have all done this to some extent. I exaggerate that I have something so awful to tell him but I am scared he will be mad at me. Then, when I break the bad news, he is relieved bc he was expecting somethign so much worse.



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