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vonzo - January 18

Sorry yet another post from me but i'm sooooo annoyed. My dd rolled over from front to back for the first time about an hr ago and i was so excited, i thought it was maybe just a fluke but she did it again 10 mins later. I called my dh at work and he was really proud and excited too, i then called my mum to tell her and all she could say was "and..." I said AND i'm really excited it's an important moment in Ambers life. She said "oh right is it? well if you think so..." I asked why she was being so mean and she said she wasn't she just doesnt think it' sa big deal "all babies roll over". I know us mum's get far more excited about these kinds of things than anyone else but i thought she'd at least show some sign of support instead of just disregarding it completely. She showed similar reaction to other firsts like making different noises and holding/playing with toys on her own, like it was no big deal at all and i was stupid for thinking that it was. Am i being too sensitive about this?


BreaunasMommy - January 18

dont let her rain on your parade. It is a big moment. So congrats to you and her!! Im just sorry that your mom isnt as supportive as she should be.


foxhoundsrgr8 - January 18

I don't think you are being overly sensitive - I think she is being insensitive. I know how you feel, so should she, being a mom; and even if she doesn't share your excitement, she should keep that to herself. B's Mommy is right, don't let that cast a shadow on your happiness, these are great moments for the both of you (you and your daughter), which you will treasure forever and noone can take that away from you!


kellens mom - January 18

I think your news is terrific and I am glad that you shared with us. I am proud that she hit a milestone. They don't call them "milestones" for nothing. Take pride in every achievement that she has...throughout her entire life. Beam with joy and happiness. You are a great mom and you need to instill this enthusiasm in your daughter. We can't change other people (mum's included)...but we can change ourselves. Stop sharing with grandma and keep sharing with us. Yell it out to anyone who will listen. Eventually, you will find someone who shares your enthusiam for your daughter's growth. I found that our office grouch absolutely turns to mush when I talk about all the new things going on at our house. It triggers memories of her three childre...which she appreciates. Whatever you do, DON'T let your mom bring you down. People that constantly disappoint will drain you too quickly.


BreaunasMommy - January 18

I just want to add that I get very excited about everything my dd does lol she can do the littlest thing like say mmm after she eats something and Im telling everyone about it lol. These are things that I believe are some of the most precious things in life. Things that some ppl would say are silly to make such a big deal of. They are special though You cant turn back time to appreciate the things that your child does/did. So enjoy and celebrate every pa__sing minute and every thing she does wether it be rolling over or just something silly that you notice.


vonzo - January 18

Thanks! Sorry i just get so upset, i feel like i have to validate myself as a mother to my mum as she has had 5 kids and is very opinionated. I don't know why i feel that way beacause i know i'm doing the best job i possibly can for my lo and i do think everything she does is incredible. She manages to amaze me every day with how bright and happy she is! Sorry gone all mushy again :o)


EricaG - January 18

Wow, I'm really sorry that she acted that way. I share Abby's milestones with everybody I can think of. I'm on phone for hours after she does sometihng big like that, my husband, my parents, his parents, my brother, my grandma, his grandma, etc. I told my mom that we were going to feed abby solids for the first time on Saturday and she said "Are you coming to town so that I can watch?" I felt bad but I had to tell her no because they live 2.5 hours away and we visited them for the past 2 weekends. It's definately not wrong of you to want to share your dd's accomplishments and you definately weren't being too sensitive. She was being kind of mean.


BriannasMummy - January 18

I dont think youre being oversensitive at all. I think big moments are important.. not only to mommy and daddy but nanny and grampy as well. Every big moment that happens with my girls I call my mom and dh's mom ( i would call the newspapers too.. if theyd listen). Both of them are just as excited as I am with their milestones. When Ka__sidy was 3 weeks old she started rolling from her tummy to her back.. she does it every single time i put her in tummy time.. and i called both mil and mom and they were sooo excited for her.. they wanted me to bring her to their houses so they could also take part in the moment. I think your mom was being insensitive.. and it almost sounds like she was trying to downplay such an important milestone. Keep your chin up.. im excited for your Amber.. GOOD JOB!!! ~Kristin~



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