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!!!!!! - August 25

hi sorry i need to vent. my mom takes care of my 4 month old baby and she doesnt listen to what i tell her. she recently started to eat cereal and applesauce. she gives her big amounts when i told her to give her just a tbsp and she also feeds her before her time. before she was eating every 4 hrs but she feeds her every 3 so now she's used to that and she force feeds her bottle sometimes she drinks all 8oz but sometimes she doesnt so i tell her to stop when she starts gagging or seems full but she doesnt listen she gives it to her until the baby gets tired and drinks it. i dont feel this is right i know she means well but she doesnt respect the way i want to feed my baby. this stresses me out completly. oh and the other night she baby sat for me and my baby usually sleeps from 9-7am. she woke her up at 12 am to feed her!!!!! i was so upset i keep telling her babies need a schedule and not to feed her if she's not hungry. sorry this is long but i feel like i'm going to explode.


well.. - August 25

your mom raised you didn't she? did you turn out alright? she's probably just used to doing things her way, be nice and explain calmly what your concerns are. If she continues to go against your wishes, then I'm afraid there's not much you can do without getting someone else to look after your baby! Dont be too hard on her, I'm sure she means well!


wenling - August 26

my mom force feed my baby too. there was once i went out for maybe 3 hrs.. my baby was 3 mths then and needs a feed every 4 hours. so i prepared more than enough EBM in the fridge(4-5bottles) . it turns out that everytime my baby stirs, she heats up a bottle of 4oz.. When i'm home from my trip, can you believe it?? they heated it all up and wasted at least 2 bottles in the process.. Thank god i have enough milk and pumping is ok by me.. otherwise i would kill whoever wasted all the milk... but still.. she meant well


B - August 26

My mother and her mother also feed my baby before his time. He eats every 5 hours and they feed him so much in between those hours. There isn't much you can do other than stay at home with your daughter. I only ask my mom or grandmother to babysit if I really need to go somewhere important. Isn't it weird though that mothers and our grandmothers do the older generations? Why do they feel the need to do it? Anyways, good luck, I totally know how you feel though, even when I'm around my mother or grandmother, they persuade me to feed my son's sooooo annoying. I know whats wrong with my son and I hate when people tell me what he needs when he doesn't need it. All you can do is speak up or just not pack so many bottles/food. My mom used to change my sons diaper every 2 hours, I personally thought it was a waste of diapers so the next time she watched him, I didn't pack so many.


!!! - August 26

hi its funny i dont know why they do that. i know she means well and i'm happy for that the thing is that i live with my mom so i cant hide the formula or food from anyway i just went to the kitchen and she bought like 5 jars of carrots and squash baby food!!! i just hope she doesnt feed her all at once. i know she doesnt mean any harm but i just feel like she doesnt respect my way of thinking. oh well what can i do.


Ashley - August 27

Maybe at your next appointment with your pediatrician you should take your mom and get the dr. to explain to her that over feeding or force feeding your baby is not the healthiest choice. Maybe if she hears it from the dr. she'll realize that times have changed.



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