Viagra For Women

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austinsmom - March 29

Has anyone ever asked their doctor while at their annual physical/pap smear if there is a pill or something for woman that would increase their s_x drive?


aurorabunny - March 29

There are creams and ointments, I think even supplements on the market made with L'argen (sp?) in them that are supposed to heighten s_xual arousal and touch and all that but I really don't know that there is anything for women to increase s_x drive. My ex-husband's sister worked for Pa__sion Parties so I know all this stuff LOL.


austinsmom - March 29

I have tried a ointment before and while it warmed me up it seemed to make it harder to reach a "o". I have looked this up on the internet and while my computer here at work is very restricted the only thing I came up with was avenavin. Has anyone ever tried this? Web address is w w w dot avenavin dot com/default.cfm


Erynn21 - March 29

Actually there is a testosterone cream to enhance libido I saw a thing about it on the Today show, or something.


tryingx3 - March 29

I saw something on this a couple of years ago - on Oprah, I think. Women were feeling guilty because they just lost their "want to". They were given some sort of testosterone. I have heard that peanut b___ter increases testosterone levels. Go have a Reese's! :-)


Miriam - March 29

I recently got off the mini pill and out of nowhere it just hit me. I have not felt this way in a long time. I want to have s_x all the time. So I look it up, and what do you know, one of the side effects of the minipill is a decreased s_x drive. So I do some more digging. Turns out new studies are showing that the pill in general may cause this. Just thought I should mention this.


Hana - March 29

I saw something on the news the other day that theres this new patch you stick on thats supposed to increase drive. Its going be given only to menopausal women on the national health service. I'd really love an overdose of it because my s_x drive is DEAD. Coincidently my lo always begins to cry (in his seperate room) as we prepare to make husbands get annoyed whilst i secretly think 'saved by the bell'!! The thing is, i haven't lost desire itself, i do sometimes get h__y but just not for s_x or anything intimate..this has all happend since i gave birth 6 months ago..


Hana - March 29

ps-its gotten to the point where i dread anything intimiate. Im beginning to think i have a type of s_xual dysfunction! (I think i need to up my therapy LOL)


AshleyB - March 29

I know someone who takes half of her husbands viagra, and I guess it sorta works for women too, meaning that you have super long O's and you just can't get enough (supposedly) I'd be too scared to try it. LOL!


Miriam - March 29

a c___toris gets extra blood flow during arousal as well so that would make sense. I always wanted to try it.


drea - March 29

LOL Hana.....I'm with you on that one. My s_x drive has totally disappeared. My dh is ready to kill me, but once dd is asleep, I'm in bed shortly after. If anyone finds anything out, please let us know.


Kara H. - March 30

Progesterone plays a big role in labido. Which is probably why they mini pill can get things going :) They sell progesterone creams on line that you rub on the skin and are absorbed that will help out in that department. I have a lutal phase defect so I take progesterone for the second half of my cycle when I am TTC. I also take it thru-out first tri since I am a repeat miscarrier - it is torture! I am on strict pelvic rest first tri as well so it is torture! I am just about climbing the walls!


austinsmom - March 30

I have been looking at testosterone and found the one of the real side effects is loss of hair and the growing of hair in places that are unwanted. I am loosing enough hair as it is and will not take that husband has a normal libido and so trying viagra is out of the realm of possiblilities ......I appreciate everyone sharing with me cause I know it is a little touchy subject to some. I saw the info on the internet about the patch you were talking about HANA but as of yet it is not on the market....MIRIAM I am on the pill as well but it works for me and until hubby gets fixed I gotta keep it up cause I do not plan for another child.....ughhh I find it so frustrating that with all the meds and stuff out there that this problem has been left by the wayside......from everything I have read it appears this problem is running rampant.....if I find out anything that can help and works I will do an update


Erynn21 - March 30

Miriam is completely right the pill can kill s_x drive, I know all about it, it did it to mine years ago. I always joke that the pill really does it's job well because you can't get pregnant if even the thought of s_x disgusts you. I didn't want s_x at all on the pill, it completely zapped any s_x drive I had, and it took over a year to get it back to what I would deem normal.


Mary28763 - April 12

Viagra for women - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.



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