Video Of My Other Kids

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Bonnie - May 29

I'm always talking about Mason on here, but just wanted to share my other two. Sara and Sam are twins (New Year babies). They are my step children and have been living with me since they were 5....I just finished a video of them :D.... (no dashes if they show up)


Bonnie - May 29

P.S. This was Mason's video... (keep dashes between 3-months-25)


Annette - May 29

Congratulations, Bonnie, you have a beautiful family and the videos are so well made. Mason seems to get bigger by the minute!


Bonnie - May 29

Thanks! :D And I know, we had to buy him 12 month outfits yesterday as the 9 month ones are too small. He's only 17 weeks! ~sigh~


Rabbits07 - May 29

Bonnie, those were so great. You did a wonderful job of putting those together...and the kids and the baby are gorgeous!


JEN - May 29

Bonnie- I agree with all the other girls...your family is absolutely beautiful and you did an incredible job putting these together. What a great way to capture all of those precious memories : )


Bonnie - May 29

Thanks :D...I was considering maybe starting a small business doing that. Don't know if people would be interested in that sort of thing or not. Think thsat would be worth pursuing?


SonyaM - May 29

Bonnie, I think the business is a great idea. For instance, my husband makes me a Mother's Day video of the boys from that year-every year. It is so sweet and I just love getting them. Even better it is a great way to capture their lives year by year. So many people either don't know how to do it (like me) or don't have time to do it. I think you should seriously consdier it.


Bonnie - May 29

Thanks Sonya...hey i asked you in another trhead but forgot where it topic but...I started using the formula scoop for cereal as well. How much is a scoop, do you know?


SonyaM - May 29

I am not sure about the scoop. The reason I did it that way was so it was easy to mix equal amounts of formula ounces to cereal scoops.


Bonnie - May 30

LOL same....I mix my own cereal aas Mason gets real constipated. So I put ina big container a big box of oatmeal (his favorite and itmakes em poop), 1/2 a small box each of rice and barley. That scoop is great. I would guess 3 scoops make about 2 ounces as I put it mixed up into a small baby food jar (2.5 ounces) and it was almost full.


tiffani - May 31

I LOVED that video!!! That was amazing how you put that together. I wish you lived around here, I would sure as hell pay you to do something like that for my kids. What a wonderful thing to do for those kids. It's refreshing to see a stepmom embrace her stepkids the way that you have done. Now i'm off to check out Mason's video. And what was the song playing throughout the video? It was so perfect! :o)


Bonnie - May 31

Awww thanks Tiffani. I think I'm gonna start a small business online doing these (DVDs) for around $25 for a hundred or so photos. I have teh scanner and all that so it would giveme something to do. If you are interested, send me an e-mail ( The song was called "Let Them be Little" byt Lonestar. I'm not a big country fan but they always have the best words! lol


austinsmom - May 31

that was really great!!! I have thought of doing this myself but do not have a computer that will do it so I am keeping all the photos and short videos on my camera till I can get to a computer that will burn did a wonderful job and have a beautiful family....I watched the one with mason and got tears in my eyes....very touching.....pat yourself on your back ....... :-)


tiffani - May 31

I just emailed you Bonnie! :o)


tiffani - May 31

I just checked out Mason's video. OMG he is a doll baby! I love the sleeping pics,especially the one where he is making that sucking motion with his lips. How sweet! And "The End" was perfect. You have talent Bonnie, you're very creative! :o)


TinaMarie - May 31

Hi Bonnie! Absolutely beautiful!! I emailed you!!!



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