Waaaaaaaay OT But I Need Help With Head Lice

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boolie79 - January 29

ok so my 6 yr old daughter and 4 yr old son came home from school on friday with HEAD LICE.. i treated them and thought that i got all the nits.... sent them to school today... they were sent back home because they found nits.. solved my sons problem.. buzzed his head.. but my daughter who has hair past her shoulders.. i cant get the nits out or rid of them.. any one have any suggestions.. i am goin crazy trying to get rid of them!!!!!!!!! i never wanna go through this again!


Emily - January 29

I can't really help much, except, to wash and treat with that stuff and use those combs. Maybe check with your ped, I know they have this new thing, kinda like a hari dryer that can kill lice and nits. I am not sure if it is completely aproved yet, but from what I read hopefully in the future they will be able to treat lice at school. For now though I am not sure if they even have these anywhere yet, but worth a try. The doc may also have sugg on how to get rid of them. Knock on wood, I have never had lice, but my sister did and it is amazing that my mom was able to get rid of the stupid things with out the rest of us getting them.....


seanandmya - January 29

I can sympathise , my son caught them from preschool and pa__sed them on to me and my daughter ! Yuck , i'm getting itchy now just thinking about them , lol . I got a solution called full marks , I don't know if they have that where you live , i'm Irish , But i found it really helpfull , especially with my daughter , she hasn't got loads of hair , she's only one and a half but it was really difficult going through her hair ! She just wouldn't sit still , you just need to treat her hair and then stick on her favourite movie or something and separate her hair into sections and pick out all the eggs one by one , you'll need to check again in seven days because if you missed any eggs they will have hatched , even if it says that the solution you get kills the eggs aswell . I check my childrens hair every sunday night now after their bath , I am not going through that again , good luck !


Kara H. - January 29

I bumped a thread for you t_tled "OT What would you do" where I explained the decontamination process for KRC. Good luck!


Rabbits07 - January 29

Just gonna add that you you have to treat with a lice killing shampoo, wait 7 days and then retreat again. This is because some eggs can survive the first shampooing. By retreating the second time in 7 days, due to the hatch/laying cycle of lice, you ensure that you kill any little critters that have hatched since the last treatment, but before they have time to lay eggs. There was a family at the Christian School that I worked at a few years ago that had a horrible lice problem...it was like every other month! They ended up getting the health dept. to come into their home and help decontaminate. I think it was essentially that they weren't taking all the proper steps that Kara mentioned to ensure all the critters were killed. It is ALOT of work to get rid of them.


Kara H. - January 29

As for your daugter. Put on a movie, sit down and divide her head into four sections. First part her head down the middle like you were putting it in pigtails. Then divide those to sections in half, about where a head band or ear muffs would set. use a clip or rubber band to secure each section and go thru each section using the tiny-est little partings to remove the nits. It really important to treat EVERYONE in family. Even get that flea stuff that is oily and goes at the back of the neck for your pets. If there are any step siblings that stay at the house, they will need to be treated as well as all their family members. It is equally important you wash all your linens at the same time so they don't get recontamitated. I would have somebody else treat your carpets while you are at the laundry mat.


maryl14 - January 29

the best way to get rid of the nits is to do it by head and in the sun i know it takes for eer but that is the most eff. way those combs suck i went though this with my 7y/odd when she was 5 y/o and had hair down to her b___t so we would go though a section and put it up in a tight little bun and moved on to the next bunch it took us 8 hours


eclipse - January 29

I had lice when I was in 2nd grade. I had waist long hair that was really thick. It took something like 8 hours to get combed through with that little comb. The next day my mom took me to the hairdresser and they cut all of my hair off. It was traumatizing for me, especially since the hairdressers all had to come around and point at me while they were doing it, so if you can avoid this with your daughter, I would recommend it. How does she feel about pageboy haircuts? :) Just make sure you wash everything-the curtains, the blankets, the pet bedding, etc. And if it makes you feel any better (probably not) lice are attracted to really clean hair so they can grab onto the follicle. Your kids are apparently too clean! :)


EricaG - January 29

When I was little I got lice all the time because my hair was down to my b___t. I remember that my mom did the treatmens but she also picked the lice and eggs out of my hair. She said the combs didn't work worth c___ps so I just layed with my head in her lap for hours while she pulled them out with their fingernails.


soon2bemomof3 - January 29

YES, YES, YES, i had a similar problem a few years back, heres what I finally did and it worked. FIRST OF ALL, put all stuffed animals in plastic bags for 24 hours, buy some Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil shampoo (they hate it as it burns them) then b__w dry her hair on HIGH HEAT and while b__w drying you can see them run and pick them out and throw them in toilet. After that take the nit comb and comb through hair. Then vacuum furniture, carpet, CAR upholstery and you should be good. Continue with the b__w drying, combing and shampoo for a week though. GOOD LUCK!!!!


soon2bemomof3 - January 29

if you read on the internet about lice treatment shampoo they ARENT"T always effective and sometimes lice are immune to them so TRUST ME, use the Tea Tree shampoo, it's much more pleasant.


rl- - January 29

oh you poor thing I went thru that with my oldest son when he was young and finally had to shave his head but then I got them and no matter what I did nothing seemed to kill the darn things so finally I just every single night combed thru my hair with the lice comb til I go no more out it is not like my head was wrapped up with them it would be like 1 or 2 but that was enough for them to lay the darn nits but really all you can do is treat them and just every night comb thru her hair and I have heard tea tree oil keeps them away good luck I tell ya it took me like a month to get rid of them for good......funny thing is with me I never got them as a kid only as an adult thankfully that was a long time ago and I have not had them since even when my other son got them he only had a few and I shaved his head and checked mine every night to make sure I had not gotten them again but I use a b__w dryer almost daily guess they hate the heat LOL!!


ash2 - January 29

Not only will you have to treat the hair, but EVERYTHING in the house. Furniture, carpet, clothes. etc...And you also have to re-treat the lice because while you killed the bugs, you have to go back and kill the eggs. I know it sounds disscusting. When i was a child i had this best friend in middle school and i was always around her. Well i kept getting headlice and we didnt know where it was coming from, untill one day i went over to her house and i figured it out !!


amber508 - January 29

my hair was always long and lice seemed to be attracted to me! My mom started treating my hair with Mayo... real mayo in my hair and then wrapped all my hair up in plastic wrap so it couldnt breathe.... for a couple hours. it seemed to work. she was told to do this by a DR


Rhiannon - January 29

This is going to sound absolutely crazy amd people are going to yell at me but here goes.......I was a volunteer in a grade1 cla__s and one girl had it so bad, nothing would get rid of it. Her mother finally took her to the hairdresser and dyed her hair. It worked. They cleaned the house and they never came back. You could try dying her hair the same colour it is now.


Mingill - January 29

Hi Boolie, I still remember the year I brought them home, I was 7 and got them from my best friend. Anyway, my mom would comb our hair with the nit comb (available at the drugstore). Then she'd shampoo us. We (my brothers and I) had short hair, mine was just past my ears. Just keep combing and shampooing, if that doesn't work, would you consider trimming your daughters hair? Also be sure to wash everything, sheets, pillow cases, clothes, stuffed animals etc. Anything that the lice could hide on, or the nits could get stuck on. Good luck, you can get rid of them, it just takes persistance.


boolie79 - January 29

ok so i have spent the day cleaning her hair... went and got some tea tree shampoo and got the drops too and put some in the shampoo and washed her hair.. it says to do it again in 12 hrs so i am gonna do that.. then check her hair again and take her to the school myself for them to look through her hair. I found a live one on her today.. very tiny so it had just hatched.. if this doesnt work... i dont know what i am gonna do.. i think a hair cut may be an option and i am still gonna repeat the treatment on friday as i am supposed to.... I never realized that this would be so much work ! I hope like crazy that i dont find anymore nits in the morning.. and those darn combs reallly suck! I have been using my finger nails.. thanks so much everyone for their input.. if anyone has anymore.. it would be much appreciated.. the more the better!



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