Wait A Minute Here Pink Imposter Poster

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flower.momma - March 6

Before we all get up in arms over Pinkbo0tlace's recent comments please take a moment to notice that they were made my Pinkbo0tlace, not pinkbo0tlace (I think I spelled that right). It is obviously someone trying to hurt out opinion of the real pink. They are also trying to cover their tracks by saying "I didn't post that" under the capitol P so we won't believe her when she realizes this is going on. Let's sign a "pet_tion" to let recent hurtful posts slide to the bottom.


Smilefull - March 6

I PLEDGE to let all recent hurtful post slide to the bottom.


kellens mom - March 6

Flowermomma, that was some impressive detective work! I went back to look at some old threads to see what you were talking about. You have a keen eye...are you KGB? FBI? CIA? or just a mom that has a lot of talent in the observation area? I will sign a pet_tion...I have not been contributing for just this reason!


aurorabunny - March 6

SHOW ME WHERE TO SIGN!! I have been shying away a little bit here recently because things are just getting out of control. =( I know most of us have the best of intentions but flower.momma is right, if we all just STOP answering on them, they will go away!!


Mellissa - March 6

ah.. i knew it!! i posted a comment on the "playboy" thread...i'm confused. lol


TomKat - March 6

This is the same c___p that goes on on the babycrowd for stay at home moms.


kellens mom - March 6

TomKat was someone elses name on a thread a long time ago. TomKat, are you also PinkboOtlace? You like to change your name... Okay, my power of perception is not as good as Mellissa and flowermomma. I am trying though.


piratesmermaid - March 6

I'll sign!! I too have been wondering whats going on here lately a bit. Are we all PMSing at the same time?? ;)


Pinkbo0tlace - March 6

I can't believe that b*** tried to impersonate me. What the hell is going on with everyone? Are we all PMS'ing or something. Thank you for pointing it out flowermomma. I'm going to kill that b___h when I find her. I'm with you, no more angry threads.


CyndiG - March 6

What if WTF? and capital P Pink are the same? Maybe they are someone from a rival forum trying to get all of us to abandon this forum??? LOL!!


ash2 - March 6

Okay, so who is the real pink ? the one with the capitol P or the lower case p ??


Steph - March 6

The lowercase is the real one....


ash2 - March 6



Steph - March 6

To confuse you....look back at posts from a week ago or so. You'll see that they were with a small p.


flower.momma - March 6

No ladies.. look at old posts. The "real" pink is a lowercase letter. Aagain with the trying to cover your tracks capitol P! I am appalled that you are raising children. Frighteneing.


kellens mom - March 6

Steph is right. I looked back on a thread from a long, long, long time ago that I had started and the right one is pinkboOtlace with a small "p". Capital P - PinkboOtlace...you are very creative...and naughty.


flower.momma - March 6

And sorry for the typos, I am typing while nursing.



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