Wake Baby Up To Eat Or Not

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ssmith - May 28

My daughter is 1 month old now, and I have been waking her up to eat (I'm br___tfeeding )every 3 hrs or so (except at night). When is it okay to let her call the shots in terms of wanting to eat?


Kelly K - May 28

Doctors say only wake them in the first few weeks. I would say you can quit now. She'll wake up when hungry. I never did wake my daughter to eat and she's still perfectly healthy.


Chelle - May 28

My daughter's ped told me to not let her go more then 5 hours without eating until she was 10 lbs. But I never had to wake her, she always woke when she was hungry.


hello - May 29

i nevwer woke mine, their tummy will wake them,


pbj - May 29

I agree with Chelle that it depends on her weight more than her age. I would say also wait until she's 10 lbs then you can stop waking her.


ssmith - May 29

Thank you for your responses. She's definitely over 10 lbs!! She's a little piglet. Did you find that your LO's got themselves into any kind of routine/pattern in terms of when they ate, or were they wanting fed whenever? Thanks again!


Jodi - May 29

My ped said "Never wake a sleeping baby." She did say Don't let them sleep for more than at least 5 or 6 hours. They will tell you when they are hungry. The only time they want you to wake them is if they are premature and that's only in the first few weeks. If she will go longer than 3 hours I would let her, you are going to get more rest yourself and you need your rest! Especially when they start staying awake longer periods of time. Good Question though!!!


Rabbits07 - May 29

I would definitely let her start waking on her own. My little guy would sometimes go 4-5 hours, even when we first brought him home! I would wake him later in the day at the beginning to make sure he got in the minimum 8 feedings if it looked like he was gonna be short. But, now I let him decide when he is ready to eat. He tends to go longer stretches between meals during the day and then wants to eat at shorter intervals in the evenings (I guess to make up for the daytime). I think babies are pretty good at waking themselves.


ssmith - May 29

Yeah, I'm sure it's built-in to them to know when it's time to wake up. I am a first-time Mom, and boy...does it show!! I worry about EVERYTHING! :-)



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