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Beth B - March 3

My Ds is 2 weeks + 3 days old and usually eats every 2, 3, or 4 hours. I feed on demand. The past few nights he has been sleeping longer and longer in between feedings (yay). My problem is that I am not sure if I should wake him when he sleeps more then five hours. My mom says NEVER wake a sleeping baby and that he will wake when hungry. But my info from doc says never let them sleep more then 5 hours in the first 1 to 2 weeks. Since we are past that is it ok for him to sleep more then 5 hours? What is the limit?


Heidi - March 3

My midwife basically told me the same thing. They're going to wake when they're hungry and after a 5 hour nap, just be ready to feed right away! I really wouldn't worry about it.


jb - March 3

I wouldn't wake him! My doctor told me that once bresdtfeeding is well established (in the first week or two) there is no need to wake the baby. He will wake when he is hungry. Enjoy it while you have the nice long stretches!!


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 3

Dont wake him. Let him sleep. When I left the hospital with my dd, I asked her if I should wake her up to feed her and she said no, let her sleep. She said she will wake when she is hungry. I have applied that since the day she came home from the hospital and she is fine.


MJM - March 3

I never let my son sleep more then 3 hours straight at a time. unless of course it was bedtime for the night. This will just help him get on a better schedule.


Chelle - March 3

My daughter's ped told me not to let her go more then 5 hours without eating until she was 10 lbs. After that, she could sleep as long as she wanted to.


karen - March 3

My mom made me wake Kodi at that age every two hours. Poor little thing would refuse to get up. His ped also told me to feed him every two hours. After about five mins oin my b___st he would fall back sleep. Once I was on my own I let him sleep. Iwa sjust ready to nurse him when he woke up. Follow your instint every baby is different and have different needs. :)


kimmysmommy - March 4

my dd was 6 weeks premature, so the nurses in the nicu told me to feed her every three hours no matter what....that was pretty tough for the first couple of weeks...(they only kept her in the nicu for 5 days) but when i took her to her ped. for the 1 month check up, he said definately don't wake her after midnite...we've been doing that since and she is now 11 weeks old and is just starting to sleep for 5.5 to 6 hours at a time at nite...in the past few days....i feel very rested lately :)


Angela in California - March 5

i was told in my b___stfeeding cla__s that you need to nurse at least 8-12 times in a 24 hour period. So, as long as you are doing that you don't need to wake him. But if it's keeping you from having enough feedings it could cause your milk supply to decrease. I would say, just nurse a lot during the day and let him sleep longer at night.


jas - March 5

What if you let him sleep and just pumped instead? Would that work?


ElizabethL. - March 6

I also was told not to let a newborn under 10 lbs go longer than three hours without feeding, b___st feed babies digest the milk quicker than formula fed babies because the milk is easier to break down, so they need to be fed more often.



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