Waking Up In Th Emiddle Of The Night

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angela - November 11

my seven month old has been waking up in the middle of the night crying hysterically nothing will calm her down sometimes a bottle will work. it seems like she wants to play she takes 2 naps during the day and she's in bed by 7:30-8 she used to sleep through the night but i dont know what happend she doesnt have any teeth yet but i'm not sure if thats whats bothering her. please help i'm desperate


C - November 11

She might have an ear infection. Someone told me that once so I thought I'd pa__s it along. It could be teething too. Is she drooling a ton and putting everything in her mouth? My son started teething at 4 months but it never woke him up but every baby is different.


d - November 11

She may not have any teeth yet but she is in the teething process and her gums may be bothering her more just like my son. Does she drool a lot/ put finger in the mouth more often or suddenly develop a fever even if there is no cold? On days like that, I give some tempra/tylenol to relieve the pain and he's fine. You can also use Gripe water for teething. My friend uses Camilla which is more of a natural product for pain for teething. My son is 8 months and still no teeth. My friends daughter is 3 weeks older than mine and her two teeth just came out. Her daughter near the end also had diarrhea and severe rash from teething which she went to the Dr. and he said just make sure you change immediately(not even a minute wait) and keep checking the diaper if it needs changing. I don't know why its so acidic when the teeth come out. ---Anyways, maybe she just wants to be with you. Sometimes my son would start crying so much as if he was in pain. I would hold him and sing to him and he was still sleeping and crying and then he would stop crying. I think he had a bad dream because he never opened his eyes but just kept sleeping.


Mommy - November 11

Oh, I didn't realize that when a baby teethes they get diarrhea. That explains why my toddler who is getting his molars is pooping so much and his rash won't go away. Thanks!


Kerry - November 12

It could be teething my girl who is 7 months has 2 teeth and i think top ones are coming but she wakes up sometimes to but I think thats more so because she wants to practice her new skills standing up ect and she can't always get back down but if your little one is crying alot it probably is the teeth try giving some tempra for pain.


angela - November 12

yesterday she slept a little better she only woke up once and went back to sleep. she was sleeping with me tho maybe that made her more comfortable.


d - November 12

A bit off topic, but my friend told me today that her doctor also gave her a stronger cream for the rash because it had blisters. The doctor said that for teething infants/children they can aslo get ulcers which I found interesting to share with anyone. Angela I'm glad to hear your little one is doing better.



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