Walkers Slow Development

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CassJ - March 1

My 8 month old loves his walker! I usually let him stay in it for about 30 mins everyday. The doctor told me that babies who use walkers develop later than those who dont. Do your babies use walkers? Have you heard that it slows development?


ashtynsmom - March 1

I don't think so. Ashtyn loved her walker- we only used it outside in the summer and fall... but she started walking at 9.5 mos.


Danielle19 - March 1

I was wondering the same thing my son loves his walker, but im willing to throw it out if its going to effect his development


snugglybugglys - March 1

Our ped. said it slowes development if you use it for like a 5 month old or younger. Too young to actually use it for it's purpose ya know? Otherwise walkers are fine for the appropriate age.


Lchan - March 1

I've heard long before I became pg that the walkers that kids sit in are dangerous and slow development. The reason they slow development is that your baby doesn't learn to balance him/herself which is an important difference between creeping and walking. With that said, my ds does have a walker that he doesn't sit in but instead he pushes along like a shopping cart. This requires him to balance himself a bit more than a sit-in walker and he really enjoys it. This type of walker may slow his development a bit, but at 10 months he is about a week or so away from walking on his own so it hasn't delayed him too much.


Mellissa - March 1

Rylee used a walker and started walking right before 12 months..my best friend's son didn't use one and started walking at 18 months! I don't think it slows them down, but that's just from my personal experience. Diesel is using a walker now and loves it.


Emily - March 1

Ha. Marcy loved her walker. Until she learned to crawl and pull herslef up. She started pulling herslef up and then she liked to be on the outside of her walker. The walker doesn't really go anywhere as it has rubber bumpers on the bottom so they can't go too fast and on our thick carpet, it doesn't move. She can get it to go in the kitchen, but not much. The main thing is to make sure your lo gets time on the floor too. We gave Marcy about equal time and she learned to pull herslef up at 7.5 mos. At 8 mos she is crusing along furnature but not walking on her own yet…..my ped took one look at how well Marcy could stand when you held her arms at her six mo check and said, it looks like someone is ready for the walker. ( we had already been using it cause she liked to sit up in it, we use it like an exasaucer….) I think the reason they say that it delays development is cause if you don’t give them a chance to play ont eh floor, they will not have the chance to learn to do those things. As long as you let you lo get at least equal time on the floor, I say use it, it keeps them happy! (and the only reason they say they are dangerous is bause some dont watch their child as closely and tehy get into stuff or get too close to stairs or something.....otherwise its not dangerous and it would slow devlepment any more than an exesaucer.....)


LisaB - March 1

I have heard that is slows development but I think anything is moderation is ok. My sisters ds walked at 9 months and he used a walker so that shoots the whole delay thing out of the water. I would say like an exersaucer no more than 30 minutes a day.


rl- - March 1

my ds loved his walker but even though he cruises the furniture and has taken a few steps by himself he still is not walking and he is almost 14months!! He has been crawling for quite awhile though so who knows LOL!!


kellens mom - March 1

Dd uses a crawler for short periods at daycare. I honestly could care less if she walks one month later. I really think she is growing up too fast anyway. Why would I want to speed up the process anymore? It is not a race. As far as major delay...I doubt it. How many years has the walker been around? I would venture to guess that most of the people that used them are doing just fine.


iemc19 - March 1

All 3 of mine have used walkers - and no4 will too - I used them for feeding and such from 5months - in the days when you were encouraged to wean from 4 months!! - All 3 walked by the time they were 10months old...My youngest was actually walking alone at 8 months and starting on stairs at 10 months...Eeeek!!


ash2 - March 1

Iv heard that once they start pulling up on things to not use them anymore. I wish DS used one but he hates it !


hthab - March 1

My niece had one problem from the walker/exersaucer: She started trying to walk on her tiptoes since the seat was set too high on the exersaucer. So be sure that your lo can put his entire foot on the ground so that he doesn't develop a habit of using only the tips of his toes.


BriannasMummy - March 1

My dd never had a walker, but she loved loved loved her excercauser. She spent lots of time jumping up and down in that thing and I really believe that helped her strengthen her legs. By the time she was 7 months old she was a walking machine. ~Kristin~


Cat - March 2

I've heard it does, but I have no idea if it's true or not. All three of mine walked freely between 9-10 months and didn't have one, but who knows if that's why or not.


hello - March 2

Walkers are the most dangerous contraption anyone can put their child in. They are banned in some countries and should be banned in all of them, they encourage toe walking, they also are forcing a child that is not physically ready to walk to do so in a crazy looking space taking contraption, i always give the same view on these things, the same way some people love them.... They are dangerous and perhaps a google search or a talk to a pediatrician may be in order..... I am amazed some doctors okay them, i was given a handout immediately about the dangers of them, i dont want to get bashed, just giving my views as asked like everyone is ent_tled too and has ........ i cant stand them but its a personal choice, a child will walk when they are ready, thats my choice..... take care


snugglybugglys - March 2

dangerous? yeah if you let them "walk" downstairs....I know kids who DIDN'T use a walker, that walk on tip toes....that's temporary anyway. You aren't going to see a 20 year old walking on her tip toes cause her mother put her in a walker...come on.



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