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stefkay - May 3

My dd is 10 months old and does not crawl but has been pulling herself up on her rainforest gym thing for about a week now and likes to walk holding our hands. Well, just within the last 3 days she really started pulling up on it a lot and suddenly wants to walk holding our hands EVERYWHERE. I'm exhausted. She won't let us hold her anymore and she screams and cries until we put her down on the floor to walk and then she smiles and laughs. If you sit on the couch with her she grabs your hands and starts to climb down to "walk". Same when you hold her she grabs your hands and dives for the floor!!! When I put her down to sit while I try to do some things she will cry until I go to her and walk her around. This is getting nuts....I mean she finally fell asleep after the whole day of walking and crying (if not walking). How long does this last????? I am ready for her to walk if it means some freedom for her. If I put her on her tummy she can even almost go straight to standing but won't crawl. She never rolled either. Weirdest thing. I am just wondering if it might be possible she could walk on her own soon and just skip crawling altogether?


stefkay - May 3

Oh, another thing. She will no longer go in her jumperoo either and cries to get out and move around. I don't want to use a walker b/c they are not recommended anymore for learing to walk. We went to toys r us yesterday and bought her a fisher price shopping cart walker, but she doesn't like it yet and cries to grab our hands and walk instead, lol.


amanda17 - May 3

Unfortunately this behavior lasts a pretty long time... My dd started walking holding our hands at 6 months and was obsessed with walking everywhere until she turned 10 months and started walking on her own. But, it isn't really a break because it's even more exhausting when they walk on their own.


clindholm - May 4

My dd did it for about a month before she started walking. Our backs were killing us!!! We thought we were going to be all stooped over for life, lol. Once they get a taste of freedom, they won't be contained (my dd boycotted the jumper and exersaucer at this point too).


DDT - May 4

Ds1 started doing that 2-2.5 months prior to actually walking on his own. Ds2 has been doing it for about 3 months now. He looks like he may be walking within the next 2-4 weeks at the most. He is very very close. Generally before actually walking they need to be able to stand independently for a few secs. Usually the standing and cruising come before walking. As for the Jumperoo ds1 used it until he was 10 months old, while ds2 wanted nothing to do with it at 8 months old. This is the same time both of them started practicing "walking". I would say it's time to put the Jumperoo away. I am not looking forward to ds2 walking...urgh he is into everything as it is.


micsmms3 - May 5

Just wanted to comment as it seems that will be in my future. Sorry for your backs.... I can only imagine how much you ache. I was feeling sorry for myself and my back ache from holding my lo so much, I guess it is to prep you for the next stage... Guess we should invest in some heating pads.


stefkay - May 7

lol, we got one of these harness things that you can put around their chest and it has rope like things with handles on the ends that you can stand straight and walk them (at babies r us) but still she cried and just would pull her legs up and wants to hold hands :) Well, thanks for the input as I have no idea how long this will last. She seems to be getting better balance so maybe she will walk within the next month or two.



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