Want Him Off The Bottle At Bedtime

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EM - April 25

My son is 11 months old and we have been putting him to sleep with the bottle since he weaned himself off br___tfeeding at 3 months old. Now we don't know how else to get him to sleep at night (or for naps for that matter). If we try just rocking him he screams his head off until he's worn out and I just can't take that. We want to wean him off the bottle in the next couple of months completely because we are expecting another son in August. Any suggestions?


HannahBaby - April 25

I still give my daughter a bottle before bed, shes 15 months and its the way she winds down at night, its not about her bottle to her, i think that its all about comfort and closeness. She rubs my face and plays with my hair, its like our time at the end of the day to be close and not worry about anything around us. I have another baby on the way as well, Im not worried about it at all, as long as shes not 4 with a bottle (and even so id prolly do it because its our time together) Dont rush your little boy to grow up, i think that its best to get rid of it when he is ready, not when you are.


babygirls1st - April 25

Try giving him a bottle of water instead of milk. Pretty soon he will be sick of water and will not want it. Giving a baby milk or juice in bed overnight increases the chances of teeth rotting. He'll cry for a while but hell get over it. I dont think its an issue of him growing up too quickly. Your the parent, let him know who is in charge:)I stopped nursing my then 5.5mos old at night so he would sleep better. I started given him water at night when he would wake up and he started sleeping sooooo much better. Yes he cried at times but that doesn't last that long. He is almost 8 months old now much happier baby since he gets his sleep.


HannahBaby - April 25

i actually discussed this last week with my doctor at my daugthers appt. because i was concerned with her teeth and she said "bottle rot" comes from giving a baby a bottle IN their crib, not before bed. Some parents give their babies bottles in bed so that they dont have to be bothered when they wake up and are thirsty/hungry. My daughter LOVES her night time bottle and dont think that she could do without it at this time. Im not going to take that comfort away from her for not reason. My daughter sleeps like a log with or without bottle. The only thing that i worry about is when the other baby is around i dont want her to have the "thats my bottle" syndrome when her brother/sister is eating. Good luck with what ever you chose to do. hes your baby and you know what is best for him


newbie - April 25

the book twelve hours sleep by twelve weeks old say to wean them of the night bottles by adding half and ounce at a time to daytime bottles. if you would like to know more about the books suggestions let me know. it can be used for older babies too.


HannahBaby - April 26

just a question, why do you want him off the bottle?


EM - April 26

My son, like your daughter, likes to play with my hair and face and such with the nighttime bottle and yes it is sweet. And I'm very lucky that he has been sleeping through the night since he was 2 months old. My pediatrician said we should be able to have him off the bottle by a year. Problem with the nighttime lately has been that about 45min-1 hour after we put him to bed he wakes up screaming and won't go back to sleep on his own. We give him the bottle and its not that he's thirsty...he mostly plays with it till he falls asleep like a pacifier. And now he's been waking up (just the last couple weeks) in the middle of the night and we're up for 2 hours with him because as soon as we take the bottle out of his mouth he wakes up and cries. So I think he's using it like a pacifier. I don't want to give him his bottle in his bed because I don't want his teeth to rot and for him to wake up screaming when he can't find the bottle. So there you go!


HannahBaby - April 26

Yikes!! I hear ya on that one!! My daughter hasnt woken up in ages (im going to find some wood to knock on, im tired tonight) I wasnt trying to be rude i was just curious about why you wanted him off of the bottle. I am a big fan on letting things happen on their own, but i think thats because she did everything later than other babies (sitting, standing, feeding herself, walking) Shes 15 months, barely walking, but you can carry on a friggen conversation with the baby!! So i guess thats where she excels. (shell be a talker just like her momma!!) If she was waking up in the middle of the night for a bottle i would be doing the same thing that you are. I give her 2 bottles a day, one for nap time and one for bed time. Thats the way she unwinds and she almost always plays in her crib for 10-20 mins before she finally lays down and goes to bed, sounds like your little one is depending on the bottle to fall asleep. Well em good luck!! let me know how everything is going. O yea my daughter is an avid thumb sucker ( you should see her thumb! Its all shriveled and wrinkly) And thats really how she soothes herself, when ever she is upset she will cry or whine and then suck her thumb.


Rabbits07 - April 27

I always weaned mine that took a bottle off of it by gradually diluting the formula at night with water until it was pure water. The point of that is suppose to be that they don't like the water and will give up the bottle, but my last baby decided he liked the water just fine. That does resolve the problem of baby bottle rot though. IF you want to start him on a cup during the day it is easy when you add the water bottle at night. They learn that formula is in the cup and water in the bottle and adapt to it a little easier....but that is just if you want to. I know they recommend babies be off the bottle by one, but in my opinion that's kind of early for some babies.


EM - April 27

Well, my son drinks milk and water both out of a cup with straw and actually he prefers water in his cup. This might work for bedtime but I'm not sure since he likes drinking water. I'm wondering too if he might be going through a growth spurt and his muscles are sore. He's also starting to walk now so maybe its all related to him waking up. We have found that he's really adaptable. At 5 months old he was waking up when he lost his pacifier so we decided no more pacifier. IT only took one night and he slept through the night w/o waking up for it. I think its easier to start good habits when they're younger. He doesn't yet have any certain thing that sooths him like his thumb or a blanket or toy....just the bottle!


Rabbits07 - April 27

I did read somewhere that babies can start waking up at night again when they are going through developemental milestones (rolling over, walking, etc. ) I don't remember why it said they did it, just that they did.


hello - April 28

What difference does another one make. You can feed one and hubby can feed another, i think its too young personally


EM - April 28

Well, that is what my ped recommends - he is self sufficient in so many ways I don't think he's too young at all. Like I said I think its easier to get them into habits at a younger age...they seem more adaptable.



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